Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer - Week 5...

Whelp... week 5 of summer turned out to be quite exciting in our house.  I kept telling everyone that I highly doubted that I would make it all the way to August 19th before giving birth to this baby.  Nick was convinced that I was going to go late this time around (considering I had a scheduled c-section for August 12th already on the books, he should have known better!).  

As I stated in the my week 4 recap, I was really pleased that I was able to give Georgia a solid month of summer fun before I had the baby.  Obviously, things have greatly changed this week in our household and I'm much less mobile than I have been and Daddy and Mimi have taken over the entertainment portion of our lives while I heal up.  I'm hoping that after another week (and my post-op appointment), I might be able to start getting around a little bit better and earn my freedom to drive again.  You know you've been a constant at the pool this summer when the lifeguard asked Georgia yesterday, "Did your mommy have the baby?  She hasn't been here this week!"  

My recaps from the previous weeks:

I last left off with Day #27 of summer... a Monday.  That evening, Mimi flew back to Massachusetts.  I joked with her that I'd probably be seeeing her sooner rather than later, even though she already had flight plans to come back on the eve of my scheduled c-section in August.

Last minute ride with Mimi before she headed to BWI

Day #28 of summer... I started off the day by receiving my P17 shot.  I had officially made it to shot #19.  My nurse joked that the following week, she would owe me a gift for graduating and getting all prescribed 20 shots (HA - if only...).  Bottom line, I'm not sure if the P17 shots helped me carry the pregnancy to almost term, but even if it just bought me an additional week or two, I'll take it.  I'm really grateful for my home health care nurse, Gena.  She was awesome, lives just up the street and we easily chatted each week before she poked me in the butt!  We're really hoping to use her daughter as a babysitter in the near future too!

That afternoon, we headed to the pool for our usual swim lesson and then Georgia and I headed right home to prepare for some guests.  Most of my teammates came over that evening for a little pizza party/s'mores bonfire/gossip session.  It was great to catch up with everyone.  It's always weird to be away from these ladies during the summer months since we spend almost every minute of the day together during the school year.  

Day #29 of summer... Georgia and I were off to the library to switch out some books and kill a few hours while our cleaning lady was at our house.  While we were there, I remembered hearing about a field of giant sunflowers somewhere nearby, so I did some quick googling and found the field.  It was about a 20 minute ride, so we took our books and set out on a mini little adventure to McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area.  We drove over to Poolesville, turned down a dirt road and parked in a random dirt lot where there was a picture of a sunflower and an arrow pointing into the woods.  Georgia was super excited to see the flowers.  We had planted a sunflower in our yard earlier in the year, but unfortunately, the deer got to it, so it never stood a chance.

G and I headed into the woods for a short walk and then came to a massive field filled with sunflowers as far as the eye could see.  So cool!

We could hear faint voices in the distance (and we saw a stroller on the edge of the field), so we knew we weren't alone in the field, but we never saw any other people in the field as we explored.  

Looking back, I'm glad that we got to spend the afternoon exploring together not knowing that it would be one of our last outings for just the two of us.

Georgia wanted to stop for lunch on the way home and even though I was tired and would have preferred to go home, we stopped and had lunch together at Panera.  Again, looking back, I'm glad I took the time and got in one last lunch date with my big girl.  

Now that I know how the week ended, I'm actually wondering if my "labor" started later that evening.  I was so uncomfortable as Nick and I caught up on the last season of "House of Cards."  I barely slept that night.  I tossed and turned, peed 10,000x and was just uncomfortable.  I told Nick that I felt like I had a giant bowling ball on my chest.  I moved to the guest room at some point in the night knowing that I was probably keeping Nick up with all my up/down/all around in our room.

Day #29 of summer... I was absolutely exhausted from all my tossing in bed the night before, so Georgia and I decided to have a "do nothing" day.  We stayed in our jammies and just hung out on the couch most of the day.  We both laid down to take naps in the afternoon knowing that we had big plans to go to the carnival that evening.  Again, I tried to nap and was just uncomfortable again.  Georgia took a great nap, which was perfect since we had a late night ahead of us.  Again, if only I'd know...

Day #30 of summer... I never imagined that day #30 would bring us a baby boy, but it did!  Grant was born at 9:53am that morning.  Most of that day was recapped in this POST.

Day #31 & 32 of summer... Our days at the hospital were recapped in this POST.

Day #33 of summer... Grant and I were both discharged from the hospital early that afternoon and Nick and I were just so excited to get home and "settle in."  Ironically, I received lots of emails/texts from friends and neighbors telling us that they would stop by once we "settled in."  I've decided that with baby #2, there really is no "settling in" period.  It's more like you just return home to normal, except you also have a little baby with you.  Yes, you get to sit on the couch a bit more, but not really.  If the baby doesn't need you, then your other child does.  Or you feel guilty about just sitting on the couch, so you want to get up and do something to help around the house.  I knew I should be just sitting around letting myself heal, but I also wanted to be NORMAL for Georgia's sake.  

Mimi sent us this picture of Georgia waiting for us to get home from the hospital.  Love the BIG SISTER shirt and the SCOUT toy that she insisted on buying for her brother (since she still loves her Violet)

Georgia was so excited to help us with the baby when we got home.  She may have wanted to do EVERYTHING all at one time.  

Reading to her brother

My favorite pictures were Georgia helping to give Grant a bottle.  The look of pride on Nick's face says it all...

Little dude was chugging 1oz of expressed breast milk like a champ all day on his first day at home

Trying out Georgia's new chair... and KC getting her first smell of Grant!

Someone was glad to see me!

Since Grant's bili levels were a tad high and we had a scheduled pediatrician appointment the following morning, we put him by the windows to try and suck in some of those sun rays!

Overall, I'd vote this week as our most exciting week of the summer so far!!  Not much can top this one.

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