Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer - Week 4...

In the blink of an eye, the first month of summer is over.  I don't think it's quite hit me yet that I won''t be returning to school at the normal time in August with all my co-workers.  Even weirder is that I'll be sending off my new little kindergartner while I stay home with the baby!

In some ways, I feel guilty that at some point, summer is going to come to a screeching halt for all of us, which is probably why we've been trying to squeeze in as much action as we can before I'm taken out of the equation for awhile.  No matter what, I'm so grateful for the time that Georgia and I have had this summer.  I lived in fear for so long that I would have to be on bed rest at some point and I didn't want her to be trapped at daycare/school all summer, so I'm so happy that we've managed to do as much as we've done in just a short amount of time.  I want her to be able to remember this summer for more than just the birth of her brother.

Onto what we were up to this past week...

Day #22 of summer... Another Tuesday, so off to the pool for another swim lesson.  We've spent countless hours at the pool this year and I think we can officially rename this summer as the "summer that G learned how to swim."  

Most of the time, we know someone at the pool that Georgia can play with and hang out with in the pool.  However, when no friends are there, Georgia has no problem making new friends and inviting other kids to play with her or inviting herself to play with them.  It's definitely a huge strength for her and I love seeing her use her social skills to ask if she can join another group of kids or go up to another kid and ask if they want to play with her.

Day # 23 of summer... I was off to the doctor for my usual weekly appointment in the morning.  At this point, it's typically a quick weigh-in, blood pressure, checking baby's heart rate and I'm out.  

G and I hung out at home in the afternoon as we waited for Habitat for Humanity to arrive for a couch donation pick-up.  We decided that we needed to maximize our main level space with baby on the way and wanted to transform the "formal" front living room (aka - the room we never step foot inside) into Georgia's new playroom.  Unfortunately, she's got a lot of stuff and we had two rather large sofas in there, so we decided to donate the larger one.

Once the truck arrived and the guys took out the big couch, Georgia and I got to work moving her toys into the new play room and organizing.  Overall, we're pretty happy with how her new play room turned out and she's been loving hanging out in there.  Even better, she has been getting up by herself in the morning and going downstairs all by herself for some quiet iPad time.

That evening, we were all outside watering the plants when Georgia looked up and noticed the alligator invasion...

Can you spot it?!?!

Day #24 of summer... Another pool day!  Georgia went to bed as Mimi was landing at BWI to join us for the upcoming weekend.  

Day #25 of summer... I woke up to the sounds of giggles coming from downstairs.  Georgia was so excited to run into Mimi's room to wake her up on Friday morning.  The two spent the day playing away both inside and outside.  Everyone helped me whip up a batch of lactation cookies to put in the freezer in case I need a little boost after baby arrives (I used this RECIPE).  The house smelled amazing for the rest of the day.

Mimi officially broke Georgia as she was barely able to keep her eyes open during dinner! Good job, Mimi.  Nick and I took advantage of the built-in babysitter and an exhausted kid to head over to Jimmy Cone for a late night soft serve treat.

Day #26 of summer... Nick was off to an early morning golf lesson (his birthday gift from Georgia and I) while Mimi, Georgia and I packed up to head to the pool for the afternoon.  Mimi was amazed at the amount of progress Georgia has made since she had last seen her in the pool just a few weeks ago in June.

Swim lesson wrapped up just as an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in, so we packed up and headed home.  Georgia was hanging out with Mimi for the evening while Nick and I headed out for our last (probable) date night before the little guy arrives.  While I showered and got ready for our night out, Nick and Georgia helped bring up some of the baby stuff from the basement.  KC was not entertained...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Not another baby!

Patiently waiting for dinner to be ready!

Heading out to dinner/movie

Thoman Party of 3 is on the verge of becoming Thoman Party of 4!

Since I was showered and dressed, which seems like it rarely happens this summer (aka - wet pool hair/don't care), I took my official 35 weeks photo too...

By some miracle, I've only gained a few pounds this month.  Not sure how that is possible because I'm feeling large and in charge!

Day #26 of summer... I was off to brunch in the morning with a few mom friends from our neighborhood.  Two of us are expecting baby boys within 10 days of each other, so the other moms took us out for a little brunch sprinkle to celebrate the new guys!  It's so nice to have a great group of mom friends who truly GET and understand the daily crazy.  Plus, we love any excuse to brunch...

It's been so much fun having a "pregnancy buddy" throughout this experience!

Of course, since all the moms were at brunch, the kids were with their fathers all morning.  By the time we all got home, an afternoon at the pool had been arranged.  So, off we all went.  Nick captured all of our new little swimmers in this season's official GoPro film...

No wonder why my kid is exhausted (and ravenous) this summer... she spends half the week at the pool burning 10,000+ calories each day.

Day #27 of summer... Off to the high risk specialist for our weekly ultrasound.  Since Mimi was in town, Nick was able to come with me for this appointment.  For the first time in a long time, we actually got to see the little guy's face (typically, he hides).  I'm definitely spotting a Jenn/Georgia nose...

Thankfully, everything is still looking good - heart rate, blood flow, placenta, fluid levels, etc.

Onto another week...

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