Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer - Week 2

A little recap of our 2nd official week of summer...

Day #8 of summer... We started off the morning under the sea "Finding Dory" with a group of neighbor friends.  

Georgia and I ran home for a quick change and then headed to the pool for her first official swim lesson (lesson #1 was rained out and we were away for lesson #2).  

Learning to use the kick board

Floating away with Coach Rebecca

Oh... and it also happened to be Nick and I's seventh wedding anniversary.  Time flies.  Georgia and I got home to a beautiful delivery from Nick!

We celebrated with a low key evening on the deck... with lobster!  Gotta remember those Boston wedding roots.

Day #9 of summer... Georgia and I ran our usual morning errands and then met a former co-worker of mine for lunch.  The afternoon weather was gorgeous, so we headed to Butler's to pick some black raspberries on our way home.

Day #10 of summer... Nick was working from home so I headed into work for a meeting with my new principal.  She is "speed dating" the entire staff this summer to get to know all of us.  I also had a few other errands to run.  Georgia is a great errand buddy, but some things get done a lot quicker without her around!  I also had an appointment with my high risk specialist.  They have a no child policy in their exam rooms, so Georgia hung out with Daddy again while I checked that off the to-do list (and learned that baby boy is measuring HUGE!).  

When I got home, Georgia and I worked on a new project... black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream (dairy and nut free!).  We based the recipe off of this one HERE.  Not too bad!

We also worked on another "big sister" coin...

Day #11 of summer... Georgia and I had a massive list prepped and ready to go for our big trip to Target.  The main priority - Georgia's kindergarten supply list.  I wanted to make sure we checked this off the list before the end of summer (and before Baby Thoman arrives and interrupts our regularly scheduled program).  She was really excited to pick out all of her supplies.  No luck on a backpack yet - that appears to be a very significant purchase in her world and she's taking her time deciding on which backpack she is going to rock in kindergarten!

While in Target, she picked out a few workbooks to continue practicing her letters and numbers this summer at home...

We packed a snacky dinner to bring to the pool as we met up with some neighbor friends for evening swim.  Georgia also had her make-up swim lesson scheduled since we were away the previous weekend.  Unfortunately, 15-20 minutes into the lesson, thunder rumbled from afar and the pool closed for the next 30 minutes (aka - the swim lesson abruptly ended).  Ironically, it was a gorgeous night.  The thunder rumbled from one lonely cloud, but rules are rules, so we drove home to a beautiful sunset!

Story of our lives this summer!

Day #12 of summer... I started the day off at Red Door for a prenatal massage (thanks to my teammates for the gift card!) and then met Georgia/Nick at the pool for another swim lesson.  It's amazing to see her progress and confidence grow after just a few lessons.

For weeks, Georgia has been begging Nick to go camping.  Since it was going to be unseasonably cool (aka - NOT 100 degrees), Nick offered Saturday evening in the backyard to her.  She was sooooo excited... before she started asking a thousand questions about bears, foxes, and anything else that could possibly eat her.

Setting up the tent in the backyard

My campers

Of course, before you actually camp, you need a s'more or two!  S'mores are always more fun when Daddy loans you a head lamp.  She quickly became obsessed with "finding" everything that fell into her light beam.

I tucked my two campers into their tent and headed inside.  I figured KC would be all over me all night long, but I think she just sat at the back door and sadly missed her people!  

I wasn't sure if Georgia was going to make it through the night outside, especially when Nick was texting me all of her "fears" early on in the night.  However, she finally fell asleep and I was shocked that I woke up on Sunday morning all by myself in the master bedroom.

Days #13 and 14 of summer... I did find my campers already lounging in the family room by the time I made it downstairs on Sunday.  Apparently the birds are loud in the morning!  Nick seemed to have forgotten that tents are not the most comfortable place to sleep... or his back is just not 20 years old anymore.  Therefore, Sunday was a lazy day just lounging around the house and catching up on missing sleep.  

Unfortunately, the 4th of July was a total wash-out in the DC region.  It was odd to be home and not up at the lake anyway, but the weather was just a real downer.  We didn't travel this year since my doctors would prefer that I was close by in case I went into labor.  Ironically, the weather up in NY looked amazing, so we totally missed out on a great 4th up north.  Instead, we conquered lots on the to-do list in the house... I went through a gazillion baby bottles and pumping parts while Nick shampooed carpets.  We held out hope that the weather would clear in time for the fireworks, but most towns around us cancelled and rescheduled for this week.  We got a great chuckle watching the DC fireworks on PBS... until they started using stock footage since the cloud deck was so low this year!

Oh well... we'll have to catch some fireworks later this summer!

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