Wednesday, July 6, 2016

3rd Trimester Update...

In case you've missed my other pregnancy updates...

When I last left off, I had just found out the great news that I had passed the 1 hour gestational diabetes test at 27 weeks by 1 point.  I entered the 3rd trimester overjoyed that everything was going according to my BORING plan!

3rd trimester?!?!  Holy moly.  I'm still in shock that I've made it this far after all the drama that Georgia brought us back in the day.  I feel like this guy is just jinxing us for drama AFTER he is born! 

A great message to wake up to on May 26th!

It was right around this week that Georgia figured out how to spell BABY and started writing it on every piece of paper that she brought home from school...

She is super excited to be a big sister and is constantly talking to/hugging/kissing/loving on the bump...

The 1st picture with my new "mom bob" haircut!

On June 6th, things started getting real during my regular OB/GYN appointment as we started discussing exactly how this little guy was going to exit my body!  I was also given a new goal date... 32 weeks.  At that point, I would officially be safe to deliver at our local hospital vs having to drive 40 minutes away to the larger hospital with the more intensive NICU (aka - where Georgia was born).  We also discussed whether I would be a good candidate for a VBAC and what would need to happen in the final weeks of my pregnancy to avoid another c-section.  Basically, we were put on the TBD plan as we wait to see how long baby boy is going to hang out in there (the big joke is that I'll end up being 41/42 weeks pregnant this time around!).

That week, I also received my 13th P17 shot.  Just chugging along.

On June 9th, I had my regular high risk appointment and baby officially weighed in at 3lbs, 13oz.  It was official... the kid was bigger than his sister already!  Part of me was so relieved that we finally got to that point.  I know what life was like with a 3lb baby.  At this point, every day and week pregnant was just a bonus to get this kid bigger and to get his lungs stronger.

On the morning of June 10th, my ultimate goal was realized... I was officially more pregnant that I had EVER been before.  I was 30 weeks pregnant.  How did we celebrate?  We made it Facebook official...

On my list of "baby goals,"  there were lots of events to get through during the following week.  Every time I made it through another event, I was thrilled.  On the hit list - Georgia's dance recital on June 11th and her PreK graduation on June 16th.  I couldn't imagine not being present for her graduation, so it was a huge deal to me.  Honestly, I think it was one of the reasons that I was super emotional during the ceremony - I was just so relieved to be there!  I was so scared that I would be put on bed rest before that point and I would miss out on such a huge milestone in her life.

Papa Kevin and my mom also arrived that week to help prep both Georgia's transition to her "big girl room" and to help with setting up the nursery.  I'll have a whole big future post on those events with the big reveals.

My amazing teammates at work also held a special little "sprinkle" dinner to celebrate baby during the last week of work.  As I joked, it was the first time that I had a "shower" while actually pregnant!!

Nick was a huge fan of the giraffe riding his "motorcycle" of diapers!

Thanks to my talented guidance counselor, Danielle, for this creation!

I made it to the last full day of work that Friday (unfortunately, due to snow, we had to come back for a 1/2 day on the following Monday - BOOOOO!)...

That Monday, June 21st, was another huge milestone... I made it through the school year.  WOOHOO!  I'm not sure who was more relieved - me or my team.  No more leave slips for appointments, no more negotiating with doctors' offices to try and get the first or last appointment of the day, etc.  Best of all - this was the first time that I had ever made it through the school year while pregnant, since I left very unexpectedly in mid-April when pregnant with Georgia (and not due until July).

Back to the regular doctor's that week.  Getting on the scale was a scarier and scarier experience every time.  I think I officially hit the 25-30lb gain that week... with lots of weeks to go.  Oh well, not like I haven't lost that before!  I take it as a giant compliment every time someone tells me that I don't look pregnant from behind.

That weekend, we headed out of town for Nick's cousin's wedding in Virginia.

Thoman - Party of 4 (or 3.8!)

In terms of my goal list, that was it.  I made it.  I could also now deliver at the hospital only 10 minutes from our house too.  My only remaining goal was to try and make it to 34 weeks, since that was always the main goal when I was on hospital bed rest with Georgia.  However, I was just thrilled to have already made it this far.  

Georgia and I enjoyed our first week of summer and we ran lots of errands to help prepare for baby.  I also got my tdap vaccine and encourage anyone who plans to be around the baby to get a booster shot.  Nick thought he was okay since he had the shot five years ago when Georgia was born, but his doctor gave him an additional shot since it starts to wear off after a few years.  So, if you plan to see us anytime after baby is born, please get vaccinated... or you will be admiring baby from afar.  

On June 30th, I had another high risk appointment and was slightly nervous because my usual guy was on vacation meaning that I would be seeing someone else in the practice.  Of course, the last time this happened, it led to a whole bunch of extra blood work and a 24 hour urine collection thanks to my nervous blood pressure!  Thankfully, this time around, all was good.  

The most shocking news... baby boy is an absolute chunker... all 5lbs, 10oz of him.  WHAT!?!?!  His head and abdomen are still in the 95%+.  Hello, big guy.  I can't even fathom having a baby that large, especially since we brought home Georgia at 5lbs!  The new joke is that I may end up giving birth to a 3lb preemie and then a 10lb chunkeroo.

I've noticed lately that people love to comment to me about both the summer heat and my size.  Just a friendly reminder that I am ALWAYS cold, so being slightly warmer is delightful!  Although I do love a good freezing bedroom when I sleep.  However, "sleep" is not quite "sleep" these days.  It's more like an hour or two of dozing before I have to get up and pee again... and again... and again.  In terms of my size, people keep commenting that since I've never been 30+ weeks pregnant, that I must be shocked at how big I'm getting/going to get.  Unfortunately, due to Georgia's birth defect and my severe case of polyhydramnios, I've been this big before.  Actually, I was bigger.  I was measuring at 35-37 weeks pregnant at just 27 weeks with Georgia.  So, I've already been there/done that with this whole beach ball size pregnancy thing!  This time around, I'll probably just be disappointed that when my water does break, I won't immediately lose ALL the baby weight like I did with Georgia.

Life is about to get super busy with appointments.  I'm going to start seeing both my regular OB and my high risk specialist on a weekly basis, so that's 2 appointments every week to monitor the final 6 weeks or so of this pregnancy.  Just chugging along...

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