Friday, June 10, 2016

The Big Baby News...

It's time to address the elephant in the room...

Many people have been asking about my lack of posting for the past few months. Yes, there hasn't really been all that much going on around the house and in our world on a daily basis.  However, at the same time... a whole LOT has been going on with us.  But, we weren't quite ready to share that big of news with the general public... or even with Georgia yet.

Without further adieu...

Baby BOY Thoman will be joining the family this summer. 

Baby boy's official due date is mid-August.  However, with my history of pre-term labor and Georgia's extensive NICU stay, we're just aiming for summer in general.  I would love nothing more than being a huge 40+ week pregnant lady lounging in the pool dying of heat stroke come August BEGGING my doctors to take this kid out.  It's my ultimate fantasy.  Heck, making it through the rest of this pregnancy without being put on any type of bed rest is a top fantasy.  However, I'll also just take getting to the point where we won't have to spend any extended time in the NICU and the baby is born 100% healthy.  

So, come along for the ride with #TeamBoring!  Boring is the key word for this pregnancy.  Boring, boring, boring.  Since Georgia was #TeamDrama all the way, #TeamBoring seemed to be the perfect description for what we want and hope for this pregnancy.

Although #TeamBoring aims to be drama-free, that doesn't mean that I have been without emotional breakdowns.  I never dreamed that being pregnant again would cause me so much anxiety and worry.  But, once a preemie Mom... well, one hopes to never be a preemie Mom again.  I try my best in public, but the tears of doubt and worry have flowed more than once at home.  I had a breakdown at my 20 week anatomy scan with my high risk doctor out of pure relief combined with a sense of pure terror that we were only halfway there.  Every twinge, every pain, every weird sensation that is new makes me question what's happening in there.  Not being in control is not easy for us Type A personalities.  I'm being monitored closely by a great team of doctors.  But, more appointments just means more opportunities for bad news, numbers, measurements, etc.  Every blood test, every phone call, every appointment is an opportunity for "something."  My blood pressure is definitely getting a full workout.  After having several miscarriages over the past few years, I thought that making it past the 1st trimester would relieve my anxiety.  Instead, the 2nd trimester brought a new set of doubts and worries as we approached the weeks that all the Georgia drama began five years ago.  The happiest part of each day for me is crossing off the previous day in the calendar.  Another day at home.  Another day at work.  Another day pregnant.  Another day without drama. 

After experiencing a 3rd miscarriage last summer, my OB/GYN sent me back to my high risk specialist to do some further investigations into what may be going on with my body.  Nick and I did test after test, including handing over many vials of blood (20+) and being poked and prodded in every way possible.  Overall, everything came back great for both of us.  The only little blip was that I was diagnosed with an MTHFR defect.  My doctor recommended that I immediately start taking a low dose baby aspirin daily, folic acid supplements 4x/day, and take progesterone supplements monthly.  I started that regiment in the fall of 2015 and it seems to be doing the trick with helping me maintain this pregnancy.

As far as our team of doctors are concerned, Georgia's birth defect (duodenal atresia) was a fluke.  Does that mean it won't happen again?  No, but they seem doubtful.  However, again, I'm being monitored constantly and it will be something they keep an eye on as the pregnancy progresses.  The doctors have stressed that they cannot test for duodenal atresia, so it can never be ruled out as a possibility until later in the pregnancy.  With Georgia it was discovered right around 26/27 weeks (as I write this, I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant and no signs of it yet!  Update.... getting ready to hit POST for this to go live on the blog and at 30 weeks, still no sign of duodenal atresia).  

Even with all the fear and worry, this pregnancy has also brought much happiness and joy.  We are so grateful to once again have the opportunity to be parents and to bring a new baby into our home.  Georgia will be such a great big sister and to give her that opportunity has been a constant in the back of my head for several years now.  We've had a lot of fun glitter bombing Auntie Melissa and Auntie Lisa with the news, surprising my mom on her birthday with a framed ultrasound picture, and getting texts from my oldest godson with name suggestions (Roman Thoman is NOT happening, buddy!).  Our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors are slowly finding out the news as the warmer weather hits and this giant bump is not so conspicuous anymore.  A neighbor is due to have a baby boy within 10 days of our due date and a good friend is due a week ahead of me, so it's fun to share our updates, concerns, celebrations and milestones together on this journey.

So, I guess the blogging days will continue.  I had debated logging off not so long ago and hanging up my writer's cap, but I guess we just got a whole new topic to cover and a reason for friends/family to follow along on our latest adventure.  

I'll post a few more pregnancy updates from the past 30 weeks to help catch everyone up to speed in the next few days!  Stay tuned...

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