Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer - Week 1

There's nothing better than summer vacation!  It hasn't exactly been "relaxing," but we've kept busy with lots of fun activities so far.

Day #1 of summer... Georgia was dressed and ready to head to the pool for her first official swim lesson when giant thunderstorms struck.  They didn't stop for the next 10 hours.  Whelp, there went the 1st day of summer!

Day #2 of summer... Beautiful sunshine day, so Georgia and I were up and ready to head to our local farm for some blueberry picking.  Wednesdays are the "free" day at the farm this summer (meaning, you don't have to pay for admission), so we've decided that Wednesdays will be our farm day.  Blueberry picking was fun, but so was all the other activities at the farm - the playground, the giant slides, checking out all the farm animals, etc.  We ended up spending most of the morning just running around the farm with some of our neighbors.

We were busy little chefs all week long making yummy recipes with our fresh-picked blueberries.  We made muffins, a blueberry crumble, and a blueberry banana bread!  We froze about 2/3 of our baked treats figuring they would be great breakfasts/snacks when life gets busier as a family of 4 later in the summer/fall.

Taking a little break after skinning her knee during a rough fall

When we got home, we discovered a package had arrived from Auntie Sherrie/Uncle Ken/Abby.  Georgia was so excited for her Big Sister package...

Basically, the box has 30 little wooden coins that have special activities to do to prep for baby.  Georgia immediately wanted to jump right in and start doing the tasks.  

Day #1 big sister task

Day #3 of summer... We were in full packing mode in order to leave town for the weekend for a family wedding (more on that to come).  Georgia and I hit up the salon for a little nail/toe action!

When we got home, she wanted to do the other side of her big sister coin from the previous day...

Day #2 big sister task

Georgia hung out with Daddy for the afternoon while I had my usual every other week check-in with my OB/GYN.  All good and boring!

Days #4-6 of summer... Spent out of town at a wedding (post to come).

Day #7 of summer... Errands, errands, errands and more errands.  Georgia and I hit up multiple stores making purchases, returning some items, etc.  I always forget how peaceful (and quick) the grocery store can be in the middle of an afternoon in the summer.  While we were at the grocery store, I also hit up the pharmacy and received my tdap vaccine.  Just my little side plug that if you plan to be around Baby Thoman later this summer/fall, please check to see if you are due for a booster shot.  Nick thought he was okay since he had the shot 5 years ago when Georgia was born, but his doctor recommended another dose since the effectiveness starts to wear off after a few years.

One week into summer vacation and I think I'm going to need a vacation from summer vacation!  It seemed like we were on the go all week long.

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