Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Ready...

It's been non-stop action around our house the past few weeks as we prep for baby boy around the house and wrap up all of spring activities before the start of SUMMER!!!!

A very random photo recap of the past few weeks of CRAZY around our house...

I could watch these two toss around a ball for hours.  A lot of people keep saying how different raising a little boy will be.  Granted, Georgia loves her princesses, dancing/singing and the color pink/purple, but for the most part, she enjoys lots of "boy" activities (really, these days, gender neutral), like tball, playing with cars/dinosaurs/trains, building tracks, etc.  I'm sure a boy will be different in lots of ways, but I like to think we're raising a kid who realizes that she can do or play with anything and it doesn't have to do with her gender!  I'm a firm believer that sports do amazing things for kids, so I love that G is enjoying tball so much.

There's nothing like these long summer evenings when there is still lots of light (and heat) for after dinner activities.

Speaking of summer nights... two weekends ago, our neighborhood social committee hosted a movie night at our pool/clubhouse.  It was the MOST perfect night for the event and I think the entire neighborhood showed up for the event.  I've never seen that many people at an event in the 'hood!  All of our friends/neighbors attended and the kids enjoyed watching the movie, eating some late night snacks, etc. Luckily, we arrived about 15 minutes early and got prime seats.  There were hundreds upon hundreds of people sitting behind us.

Enjoying "Zootopia" on the big screen

G and her friends

The neighborhood events are in full swing this time of year.  Not only was movie night a huge success, but so was the next morning's Touch-A-Truck...

The other hot spot in the hood these days is the pool.  Georgia is back to being a fish and spending hours swimming with her friends....

As a few people on social media have noticed that I'm back to blonde in recent pics!  After going dark last fall, I decided it was time to go back to my roots (literally).  I also needed a new chop, so I said goodbye to 6-8 inches of hair and set a new record for the amount of foils that my hairdresser needed in order to get the job done!

I'm calling the new look my "mom bob!"

Baby Boy Thoman received his first Patriots gear this week.  Thanks, Auntie Sherrie, Uncle Ken and Abby!

This weekend, we got to spend some time with some of our favorite Connecticut peeps... Kate, Chan, and Queen Lizzie!  We hadn't seen them since their going away party back in February as they left DC for new CT adventures.

Ironically, earlier in the week, Kate and I were tagged in a Facebook picture that was taken 16 years ago!!  Our sorority posted a #tbt picture that was taken when we were in Paris, France after our junior year in college.  We got to spend a few weeks exploring France and Switzerland and it's one of my most favorite memories of college.

Crazy how long ago this picture was taken!

This time around, Paris wasn't in the cards, but Glen Echo park worked out quite well.  It was a weird step back in time as we visited the once famous DC amusement park (it was at its peak from the early 1900s to 1968).  It was a crazy combination of eerie and cool to visit a place that was once the "premier amusement park in the region."  Georgia loved the old carousel and managed to squeeze in a few rides...

G and Chan on the old carousel (arrived at the park in 1921)

Racing Queen Lizzie down the benches

All the girls

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