Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Since the school year seemed to NEVER end this spring, Father's Day somehow managed to sneak up on us.  Typically, I'm out of school the weekend before Father's Day, but not this year!

Georgia and I treated Nick to brunch at one of our favorite spots up in Frederick - The Tasting Room.  We had celebrated Easter there earlier in the year and we were eager to try out a few more things on the menu.  I also love that they are very allergy conscious and don't have items with peanuts on their menu, which makes their kitchen fairly safe in my world.  I love that the hostess immediately stated that they had seen my note about the allergies in our reservation and then the waitress repeated it again just minutes later.

I was immediately jealous of Georgia's french toast and bacon order!

After a fantastic brunch, we decided to take a stroll down the creek...

Every time we go up to Frederick, we're reminded of how much we love the area.  The downtown is bustling these days with quality restaurants and the canal area is so much fun to just stroll around.  Georgia loved it.

I try to have Georgia fill out a silly Father's Day questionnaire every year.  This year, I had her do two and daycare actually had her do one too.  Nick enjoyed reading all about himself...

My favorite part is the 83.  She fully knew the numbers, but kept reversing them no matter how I asked the question.

And the one from school...

Since it was a steamy afternoon, we headed to the pool for a bit to cool off and for Georgia to practice her swimming...




Georgia has been begging Nick for a peak at the moon and Saturn, so he let her stay up late to check out the stars with him. 

Nick is one amazing Daddy and Georgia absolutely adores him.  They have their own set of routines and fun things they do together.  It'll be so interesting to see him with our little man over the next few years.  Will they all do the same things together?  Will the boys have their own "special" routines and toys?  Time will soon tell...

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