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2nd Trimester Rewind - Part 2...

Still recapping the early days of my pregnancy before a lot of the world knew what was going on with the Thoman crew...

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Onto the second half of my 2nd trimester.  Up until this point, everything really had been following plan #TeamBoring, but I kept waiting for some news or event to rock our world.  

Some of my first co-workers to know that I was pregnant were my softball teammates.  I had to do some confessing after early emails went out talking about who was playing, schedules, etc.  This spring marked the first time I wouldn't be playing in YEARS.  Riding the bench was no fun, but I still managed to squeeze into our cool new shirts!  It was agony not playing, but I tried my best to embrace my new head cheerleader position.

Apparently wearing Under Armour spandex will really increase your visible baby bump because I got called out (finally) by about half my building on the day that we debuted our new shirts for the season.  People were blown away that I was already 21 weeks along and had managed to keep it quiet up until that point.

I was back for another high risk appointment on April 14th and was thrilled to hear the news that my cervix had grown to 4.2cm.  At that point, I had received five of the P17 shots, so they attributed the gain to the added progesterone in my system.  Hearing the news made me feel a lot better after having been worried about my cervix for weeks!  Little man's heartbeat was steady again in the 160s.

Just hanging out and blowing bubbles in there

Have I mentioned that this kid has NO PROBLEM showing off his junk to everyone!?!?  Nick is so proud.  Remind him of that during this kid's fraternity days.

If anyone at school had managed to NOT hear the baby news yet, they definitely saw it first hand during a fire drill during week 22.  I was posted at one of the exit doors during the drill and at least 5-10 people seemed shocked to see my new expanding waist line.  My Boston Strong t-shirt might be getting tight, but there was no way I wasn't wearing my shirt proudly on Marathon Monday.

That same week we traded in our old Ford Explorer for a brand new one.  Guess that 3rd row seating is finally going to come in handy with two car seats occupying the back row.

I also managed to snap my favorite "maternity" picture to date... my kids.  Just a typical Friday night in our house... one kid headed to tball practice and another still snug-as-a-bug inside my softball jersey.

Georgia had been looking forward to voting in the presidential primaries since she first got wind of the election season (thank you, Today Show).  She was so jealous that her Auntie and cousins got to vote in NH early in the season and she could hardly wait until it was Maryland's turn.  She helped me vote, loved earning herself a sticker and then made sure her brother got a sticker too...

Starting to lose sight of my toes!

#TeamBoring was merrily on its way... until April 28th.  In retrospect, I actually predicted the drama.  I was scheduled for my typical every other week high risk appointment.  However, my high risk doct was out of town, so I had to see whomever was covering his cases that day.  This doctor was not a fan of my roller coaster blood pressure results (aka - my norm) during the appointment.  She called my OB's office and managed to speak to the on call doctor there as well.  Basically, the two doctors that I normally see were both left entirely out of this conversation (both of whom could have vouched that my high blood pressure was due to my complete nervous wreck anxiety!).  

So, early the next morning I headed to my regular OB's office for an "emergency visit."  Not surprisingly, my blood pressure was totally normal (as it usually is at their office).  All the nurses were ready to send me on my way until the doctor said he still had to see me.  Again, not my regular doctor, but whomever was in the office that day seeing patients.  Cue the 20 minute discussion about how perhaps my BP issues could be due to pre-eclampsia.  All it took was one mention of early delivery, preemie, etc. and I was a sobbing hysterical mess in the doctor's office.  I think even the doctor was surprised by my reaction as he quickly started explaining that it was probably nothing, but that we had to check it out.

Did I mention the date yet?  April 29, 2016.  G's 5th birthday.  So, instead of celebrating at home with my true miracle baby, I was at the doctor's office talking about possibly having to deliver her brother early... way too early.  To say I was a mess was an understatement.  Thank goodness for the nurses at the office who dealt with me as I sobbed.  Talk about creating a headache for the remainder of the day.

Why did I react so strongly?  Honestly, part of me had been waiting for 20+ weeks for "something" to go wrong.  Part of me was just pissed that this was all going down because my doctor was out of town.  Part of me was livid that it was happening on Georgia's birthday.  Part of me was in absolute disbelief that not only could I be having a preemie again, but if my BP was so bad, he was going to be a micro-preemie.  So, when the floodgates opened, they weren't to be stopped.

I left the doctor's office and headed home minus a few pints of blood and with a gigantic container to collect 24 hours worth of urine!  Yup, it was as gross as it sounded.  Since my blood pressure had gotten flagged, they had to have me do a 24 hour urine collection to ensure there was no protein in there.  I refused to do the collection on G's birthday or the day after (the day of her party), so Sunday marked the big collection day.  Not the highlight of the weekend or my pregnancy.

Heading off to G's birthday party

At least after all the drama at the doctor's office, I came home to this notification on my phone...

I was silently praying that we wouldn't have to test the limits of 24 weeks viability!

I had to wait until Tuesday afternoon before my doctor's office called to reveal that all my blood work and urinalysis came back completely normal.  Thank god.  But... what a gigantic waste of time, tears, etc.  These people were not on my NO DRAMA train!

Ironically, every time Nick tried to feel the baby kick early on, the baby would immediately stop and Nick would walk away disappointed.  The first time Georgia tried to feel him kick was successful!  She put her head on my tummy and he kicked her... right in the face.  She hasn't let him forget that.  Finally, on May 6th, Nick felt his first legitimate kick!

When I first discovered that I was pregnant and that the pregnancy appeared to be viable, I made myself a list of GOALS.  The 1st goal was to make it to the end of the 1st trimester (2/26/16).  Goal #2 was spring break week from week.  Some of the goals were "silly" (aka - Goal 3 was my co-worker returning from her maternity break), while others were much more important to me (Goal 4 - G's birthday/24 weeks pregnant).  The goal list has been a way for me to check the days off the calendar and also to mark important milestones along the way.

Goal #5 - Make it to Mother's Day!

Goal #6 - Make it to Nick's birthday and Georgia's kindergarten orientation!  I just couldn't imagine not being there for such a big day for Georgia since she is so excited about going to kindergarten next year.  

On May 19th, we headed to another high risk appointment in the morning and then onto kindergarten orientation in the afternoon.  Just another day of "parenting" the kids.  Our high risk appointment went well - baby's heart rate was 161 and I officially graduated to only having to go to the high risk specialist every three weeks (instead of every other week, which I had been doing since week #12).

How did she get so big?!?!

Georgia greeted me one morning with a little surprise bump for me...

My mini-me

And another milestone met!

I also started to get my act together and started to organize the baby's closet...

And then Goal #7 arrived and for the first time, I finally felt like we just might make it.... May 23rd (aka - 27 weeks, 3 days).  I had officially made it past the mark where my water broke with Georgia and I was put onto hospital bed rest the last time around.  

I had an appointment with my regular OB that day and re-took the 1 hour gestational diabetes test.  We joked that I had NEVER passed the 1 hour test.  I had failed with Georgia and I had failed earlier in the pregnancy.  We debated just skipping right to the 3 hour test, but we decided to go for the gamble and see what happened this time around.

The next morning, my phone rang very early in the day.  I immediately recognized the phone number and picked up to hear a very familiar voice... the doctor who had made me cry about the possible pre-eclampsia scare.  However, this time, he was my new BFF.  He told me that I should definitely bet some money on the Derby because somehow I squeezed out a pass on the 1 hour gestational diabetes test... by 1 point!!

And with that, my 2nd trimester came to an end.  Minimal drama minus the whole dramatic blood pressure issue.  Lots of goals met.  I was about to enter a 3rd trimester... while still at home... and not on bed rest... with a growing baby in my belly.  Life was pretty good.

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