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2nd Trimester Rewind - Part 1...

In my last post recapping the 1st trimester, we had just found out the great news that all our 1st trimester blood work had come back normal with no increased risks (a step up from Georgia's blood work 5 years ago, which prompted several follow-up appointments).  

On Friday, February 19, 2016, I officially reached my first pregnancy goal... 2nd trimester!  All I wanted from the 2nd tri... BORING, BORING, BORING!

That evening, Nick was putting Georgia to bed when I received an email indicating that my high risk specialist had "released" our NIPT results to us.  I clicked on the link and immediately saw that everything looked great, but that there was also an additional link to click on if we wanted to know the baby's gender.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Talk about turning a routine Friday night into something a little more surreal.  I patiently (aka - pacing in the kitchen) waited for Nick to come downstairs so that we could click on the link.  To say we were blown away was an understatement...

Note the time of this email arriving... 8:49pm.  Just a typical Friday night finding out that you're having a BABY BOY... and that you need to charge your phone!

We sat in complete silence for several minutes.  Every now and again, one of us would say "It's a boy!"  For some reason, we were both 100% convinced that we would be having another baby girl. Why?  Mainly because my pregnancy with Georgia was so similar - I felt great (minus the 1st trimester bronchitis), no morning sickness, the old wives tales of high heart rates indicating baby girls, etc.  We also just assumed that Nick would always be surrounded by 100% estrogen in this house.  

Welcome to modern times... finding out that you're having a baby boy via your gmail account.

Pretty sure this is the last picture of me in regular jeans!

Our first friends to learn the news were Kate and Chan as we headed off to their DC goodbye party... at a bar.  Yet again, it was fake drink or come out of the closet.  It felt so great telling SOMEONE the news!  I've known Kate since we were 18 years old... she's also a great secret keeper!  

Saying goodbye to Kate!

Thanks to leggings and a never-ending winter, my co-workers were none the wiser to my big news.  However, during week 14/15, I let my principal and teammates in on the secret.  My teammates were blown away and couldn't believe that I had kept the secret for that long.  My principal was one of the last to know as she was out all week.  The assistant principal finally dragged me into a closet and made me stay there while she hunted her down and made her come find me!

Nick still wasn't 100% convinced we were having a boy and was certain that our next ultrasound would confirm his suspicions.  However, at my next 2 week high risk appointment on February 29, 2016, team boy was confirmed.  Our little guy was already measuring right around 5oz and had a strong heartbeat of 163.

As much as I loved having appointments every 2 weeks and getting to see baby all the time, it was also a new worry.  Every time I went, they would check my cervix length.  Even the doctor admitted that my cervix was never an issue during my pregnancy with Georgia, but it was standard as part of the 2 week protocol.  So, it became a new number for me to obsess and worry about at each appointment!  It didn't help when I found out that it's initial length was determined to be around 3.0 (the very low end of average).  My blood pressure was also an issue at every high risk appointment.  No matter what I did when walking into the place, I could instantly feel my anxiety rise.  Luckily, my doctor figured out that my BP issues were 100% related to anxiety and would give me time to calm down, find out everything was okay at the appointment, have the nurse re-check my BP and then send me on my way.

Thanks to having gestational diabetes with Georgia, I was forced to take an early glucose test during this pregnancy.  On March 7, 2016, I found out that I failed the 1 hour test by 5 points, which meant that I had to go in for the longer 3 hour test the following week.  My high risk specialist was fairly confident that I would pass since I only failed by 5 points.  I wasn't so confident, especially after the comedy show of errors that was my 3 hour test with Georgia.

Up about 10 pounds and time for maternity jeans!

On March 11, I received a great phone call from our insurance company that the P17 shots that my high risk specialist had ordered were going to be approved.  Apparently the shots are super expensive.  However, I'm sure Blue Cross compared that cost to Georgia's $1 million dollar NICU bill and decided that the shots were a cheaper and more practical option for me.

On March 14, I was back at the high risk specialist and all looked great with baby with a strong heartbeat of 155.  Baby was super shy, so no great pictures from that appointment.  Although, yet again, he was not shy with proving that he was a boy... still (much to Nick's relief).  It's become a running joke that the doctor asks, "Do you still want a boy?" at each appointment.

That was quite a busy week as my P17 meds arrived at the house and my new nurse came over to give me my first injection.  At each appointment, she checks my vitals and then gives me the injection into my lower hip/buttocks area.  Nick was so relieved to see her in the driveway!  I think he was having nightmares about having to inject me himself.  I can't say the shot feels great, but if it does its job with keeping my uterus happy, I'm all for it.  Heck, if the doctors told me to stand on my head for 12 hours/day, I would totally do it.  So far, so good and I've had no reactions to the shot - just some slight stinging at the injection site.

There goes the waistline!

The luck of the Irish must have been with me because on March 17, 2016, I found out that I passed my 3 hour glucose test.  Woot woot!  10 more weeks of carbs!  Not that I didn't enjoy my chicken breast with a side of chicken breast while pregnant with Georgia, but I was thrilled to be able to keep eating what I wanted... for at least another trimester!  I would still need to repeat the test at the beginning of my 3rd trimester, but at least I was good for now.  #TeamBoring continues!

Although my teammates at work kept telling me there were no rumors about me yet, I'm not sure how people were missing this bump!  I was starting to feel HUGE!  I  jokingly told them to spread the rumor that I was carb-loading these days.

 I was diagnosed with a UTI that week following my regular doctor's appointment.  Lovely.  Another round of antibiotics.  Make that round #3 of antibiotics for this pregnancy!!  It'll be a miracle if this kid isn't allergic to antibiotics.

We celebrated Easter weekend... while still keeping it a secret from our little bunny!  I also celebrated my personal Goal #2 - making it to spring break week at work without any drama.

Hint... it's easy to hide your bump when you bend down!

You can also use a stroller to hide your growing belly when you aren't "out" on social media yet!

We were back for our 20 week anatomy scan on March 31, 2016.  Baby boy clocked in just shy of a pound at 13oz and a strong heart rate of 163.  I had also received 3 weeks worth of P17 shots at that point.  I was definitely emotional at that appointment and it was the first time that I broke down in tears during an ultrasound.  I cried for the relief that we had made it to 20 weeks, but I cried that it was ONLY 20 weeks and I still had so much longer to go before I would feel "safe."  My poor high risk doctor kept reassuring me that everything looked great and that we were taking every precaution to ensure that I didn't have another preemie.  To say that this pregnancy has been stressful for me is a complete understatement.  Oh to be a naive pregnant lady... only in my dreams.

We officially hit the halfway mark!

Up about 15 pounds at the halfway mark!

We decided that the halfway point would also be a good time to tell Georgia.  Frankly, we were more worried at that point that someone else would say something to her or that a random stranger would ask something in front of her as my bump started to become much more obvious (and the warmer weather took away the layer option!).  So, we sat her down and told her the news and gifted her a book all about becoming a big sister.  She was so excited and didn't waste a moment telling anyone and everyone that she was going to have a baby brother!

I took her shopping with me that weekend and let her pick out an outfit for the baby.  She picked out the one that said "baby brother!"  Well if that just didn't make my heart explode...

Onto the back half of the pregnancy.  I wish I could say that I was feeling confident at this point, but truthfully, I think I was more nervous than ever.  The Georgia drama didn't ramp up until week 25ish, so I really felt like the most emotionally/psychologically challenging part of this pregnancy was approaching as the weeks when all of her drama occurred were upon us.

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