Saturday, May 21, 2016

Some Hints of Spring...

We're waking up to another rainy and gray Saturday in Maryland.  It's been the oddest spring so far!  Luckily, we got a few sunny days this week.  Well, not entirely true.  We got a few sunny HOURS this week, so we tried to get outside and take advantage before the next round of clouds and rain moved into our world.

We had a "bye" week with tball this week, so at least it's not another cancelled game.  Last weekend, we had a triple header as we had lots of games to make up from all the cancellations the past few weeks.  It was Georgia's turn to hit the big inning ending homerun...

We also celebrated Nick's birthday this week.  Georgia was so excited to rush home and help me bake off some brownies.  Have you ever tried to frost piping hot brownies?!?  If not, I highly do NOT recommend it.  Luckily, Daddy is not picky and did not mind that his bright blue frosting was sliding all over his "cake."

Our good friends at Enjoy Life spoiled us rotten this month and sent not one, but two different boxes with some of our favorite treats!

She immediately wanted to dive into the box of cookies!

Since our allergic reaction incident last month, I've definitely been sticking to our old reliable favorites lately and Georgia is still OBSESSED with her beloved cocoa loco bars!  I'm more than happy to offer those as a snack knowing that they are 100% safe for her since I have absolute faith and trust in the company.

Georgia has always been such a great eater and we consider ourselves lucky that meal times in our house have never (or rarely) turned into battles.  Last weekend, she shocked us even further by telling us that she only wanted veggies for dinner.  ABSOLUTELY, kiddo!

She LOVES broccoli!

Georgia has been loving her new dollhouse.  We ordered a "family" to live in there, but they may need to evict the Disney princesses!

On Monday afternoon, the sun was out and it was a gorgeous afternoon when we got home from work/school.  Georgia and I dropped our bags, grabbed a quick snack and headed outside to enjoy some sun!!

I've gotten a few questions about whether or not my new tieks are as comfortable as they claim to be.  YES!!  I've worn them almost every day to work and even played some backyard soccer in them.  No blisters and they're comfortable enough to wear all day long.

On Thursday, my baby officially went off to kindergarten orientation at our neighborhood school.  It was soooooo weird to be on the other side as a parent and not as a teacher.  She was so excited for orientation and is beyond ready to be a kindergarten student in the fall.

Luckily, she also has some great buddies who will be joining her this year.  We walked into the school and immediately recognized several other families in our tour group, including many students from her daycare/preschool and neighborhood friends.  My biggest concern, of course, is her allergies.  The nurse recognized her name and we'll be following up with a meeting with her, the guidance counselor and the principal in early June to discuss our concerns and to come up with a plan to keep her safe in the fall.

Heading into our beautiful neighborhood school.  We watched it being built over the past few years and it's amazing to believe that in the fall, Georgia will be a student there!

We ran home from orientation to make a quick change into our dance outfit.  We've only got a few more weeks left before the big spring recital.  This week was parent observation week, so we got to see what Georgia has been working on for the past few months.  She also got her costume, the plan for recital week (pictures, dress rehearsal, oh my!!) and we got a sneak peek at their big recital number!

She LOVES dance class!

The kids also got their "evaluations" this week and I was a proud Mommy...

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