Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Georgia's Birthday Weekend - Part 2...

Georgia's big birthday party was scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  As I looked at the weather earlier in the week, I was bummed that we weren't just doing a BBQ at the house since the long range forecast looked amazing.  By Saturday morning, I was thrilled that we had booked her party at The Little Gym.  It seems like every year, it gets nastier and colder the last weekend of April.  Georgia was born on a beautiful spring April 29 day.  Her 1st birthday party had beautiful weather.  Since then, it's been downhill!

First up on Saturday AM, a tball game...

First tball game as a big 5 year old!

Just another beautiful spring morning in MD!

While Georgia, Nick and Mimi headed to the game, I whipped up a GIANT cupcake!  Typically, I order Georgia's cake from a local baker.  But I slacked this year and Georgia kept changing her mind on the "theme" of her party.  So, at the last minute, I ordered a giant cupcake pan off Amazon and decided to wing it.

Back from tball and ready to take a nice long NAP before party time!

I also had ordered a cake from our local Wegman's for our party "guests."  Georgia decided at the last minute against "Star Wars" (how does she even know about "Star Wars"?!??!?!) and went with a "Frozen" theme on that cake.

Overall, her party at the Little Gym was a lot of fun and it flew by!  The kids all had fun playing games, being tossed around on the parachute, and just running crazy around the gym.

We cracked up laughing at how SERIOUS Georgia was while all the kids sang happy birthday...

Thank you to everyone who made our girl's birthday so much fun.  She had a blast with all of her friends and was so excited to spend the day with all of her favorite little people!

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Wenni Donna said...

Aww! She is so adorable! and I have seen such a big cupcake for the first time. The place in this blog looks like the perfect venue NYC for a kid’s birthday party who loves baseball and is as sweet as her. I just loved all the pinks around her.