Sunday, May 1, 2016

Georgia's Birthday Weekend - Part 1...

Georgia has been eagerly counting down the days until her 5th birthday for MONTHS!  I think she started talking about turning 5 as soon as she turned 4 last year.  She knows that 5 brings big things... like kindergarten!  And she's already talking about 6.

Of course, she immediately wanted to open some presents when she woke up on her birthday...

We all played a little hooky from school on Friday and headed to the Baltimore aquarium to celebrate her special day.

Georgia, Mimi and Jaws

Georgia loved checking out all the exhibits, especially the sharks and dolphins!

Since we were up in Baltimore, we decided to check out One Dish Cuisine, an allergy friendly restaurant in Ellicot City, for dinner.  I've read about the cafe/deli/restaurant for years, but we're not frequently up in the Baltimore suburbs.  The entire menu was Georgia safe!  She decided upon pizza and a giant whoopie pie for her birthday dessert.  The owner was super sweet and even let her pick out a chocolate cupcake to take home.  After our "incident" last weekend, it was nice to feel super safe when eating out.

As we pulled into the driveway after a long day away from the house, we spotted a few presents on our stairs for the birthday girl.  We live in such an amazing neighborhood.  Not just one, but two neighbors, left her little surprise treats!

Five is officially the year of sunglasses!

Of course, someone wanted to jump right into the giant pile of gifts that were accumulating in the living room all week as packages arrived from all over from family and friends!  Our poor house has been in a complete state of chaos the past week with Amazon shipments arriving daily and our mudroom and garage being emptied out so that construction on the built-in shelves and cabinets could commence.

Pretty sure Nick was more excited about the Hot Wheels toys

Chilling on top of her new big girl bedroom furniture set from Mimi

Hugging her new water table from Mimi.  Once upon a time, I bought a $30 water table at Target and it lasted for 4 years!  Time to upgrade.

G and Mimi

The funny part is that Georgia kept referring to the next day (Saturday) as her "real birthday" since her party was scheduled for that day.  We had to keep reminding her that TODAY was her actual birthday!  Then again, birthdays are week long events in this house...

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