Friday, April 1, 2016

Farm Animals, Kites, Easter, Etc.

The past few weekends have been busy, busy, busy with birthday parties, Easter, and the start of spring break here in Maryland.  The weather has been all over the place - from winter coats to short sleeves and then back again.

Georgia was super excited to hit up the local fire station for Bennett's 4th birthday party a few weeks back...

Georgia entertained the firefighters by repeatedly telling them that she was quite strong since she eats her vitamins every day!


The following weekend was Scotlynn's 2nd birthday party at Green Meadow farm.  I'm still not quite sure who had more fun - the kids or the dads.  At one point, Nick practically ran over a toddler so that he could pet the kangaroo.  At another point, he came skipping back to tell us (quite excitedly) that he fed a bison!  At least I know where to have Nick's 40th birthday party in a few years...

Riding "Ladybug"


By the time that Mimi rolled into town the following weekend, the winter coats were long gone and it was time to play outside!

Prepping the Easter eggs

We had beautiful weather for the annual Kites over Clarksburg festival...

Everyone woke up bright and early on Easter Sunday to hunt some eggs (including KC!) and to find out what treats Mr. Bunny left behind...

Ready for brunch

Much more interested in eating her chocolate bunny at brunch!

The hit of the weekend were definitely the confetti eggs that Mimi brought with her...



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