Sunday, March 13, 2016

The No Update Update....

Tis the boring days of not quite winter and not quite spring.  It's gotten unseasonably warm here in DC fairly quickly, but it still doesn't feel like SPRING yet.  The flowers are starting to come out and with the change of clocks this weekend, I'm sure it will start to feel more spring-like sooner rather than later.  But, for now, we've had a string of not-much-going-on weekends.  Tball starts up again in April, so we'll take the long boring weekend mornings this month.  We've had lots of Saturdays where we stayed in our jammies until dinnertime... and that is just fine with us!

Daffodil spotting!

Who needs toys when tupperware exists?!?!?

One of our upcoming big spring projects is Operation Big Girl room.  Georgia has been "helping" by collecting paint samples.

Her idea of "light purple" and my idea of "light purple" are a tad different!

We're still going to dance class every Thursday and the kids just got measured for their next recital in June.  Georgia was so excited to hear that she got to go back on the big stage again!

KC's tolerance of Georgia has slowly been increasing.  Mostly, due to the fact that Nick and I refuse to feed her anymore and have put Georgia in charge of cat food distribution.  KC is no fool!

You know a cat is hungry when....

Georgia received a super cool gift this week.  When Kate and Chan were in China earlier in the year, they picked her up a real silk Chinese robe.  They kept forgetting to give it to Georgia when we saw them, so she got a package from CT this week.  According to G, the best part - "there is a peacock on my butt!"

I was out brunching with the neighborhood ladies a few weekends ago when we received the cutest pic.  The men all rounded up the kids and headed out to "play" with the kids while the ladies enjoyed mimosas...

Georgia was super excited to wear her official "Georgia" hat to school during Dr. Seuss week...

Allergy moms rejoice... we have finally reached the point where Georgia can tolerate ordering pizza in a restaurant.  Hallelujah!!!  Thankfully our neighborhood pizza joint has been great with answering our allergy questions and they don't serve any dishes with peanuts, so we knew their coal fire oven was safe for pizza.  I may have teared up a bit the first time my big girl was able to order a pizza in a restaurant and eat it safely!

And there you have it.  The no update update from the Thoman House.  Sometimes boring is good!

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