Sunday, March 20, 2016

In Like a Lion... Out Like a Lion???

Oh March... you've been such a tease!  We spent half of last week outside every afternoon without coats playing with the neighbors - riding bikes, drawing with chalk, etc.  This weekend, it's snowing.  BLAH!

Georgia stayed at daycare late almost every day this week since they have a late afternoon play time outside on the playground and she loves that time with her friends.  I arrived to pick her up and she was sporting her cool shades...

Mimi sent some super cool shades and a new t-shirt for St. Patty's Day...

Notice the bright and warm sunshine!

All ready for St. Patty's Day at school

And then this weekend rolled around... and the temps dropped by about 40 degrees... just in time for the annual neighborhood Easter egg roll.  Last year, we wore hats/gloves/winter coats.  This year, same outfit!  

The only good news is that the rain/snow mix held off for the morning activities at the clubhouse.

Since the rain/snow mix moved in after the egg hunt, we decided to spend the day indoors and headed to the movies to see "Zootopia."

Just a little March snow...  Sigh

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karl said...

what a nice coat she has,is it also with fur inside of it can you take a picture of the inside of it please?