Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life Lately - Feb 2016...

The highlights from the month...

Mimi has been in/out of town several times.  Ironically, every time she comes for Georgia's dance recital, we get some inclement weather, the recital gets cancelled and Mimi has to book yet another trip to see us!

Mimi joined us for Georgia's first ever bowling adventure.  Nick's work had an event at a local bowling alley and Georgia was a total ringer!


While Mimi was here earlier in the month, we made good use of all the leftover snow from the blizzard and created a giant Olaf in the backyard with all our neighbors...

If only we remembered the eyebrows!

Nick made a new GoPro video to celebrate the annual sledding event...

Good thing we got out there when we could because the snow was all gone just a few days later.  See you next winter, Olaf!

Auntie Kristen gave Georgia a gift card to Build-A-Bear for Christmas.  Since we had never been, Georgia was intrigued by the concept and couldn't wait to go build herself a bear.  She loved every second of it... especially picking out all the accessories.  #totalgirlygirl

Meet our new friend, "Hugs!"

Typically, we run into dance on Thursday evenings with just seconds to spare before class starts.  Last week, we were a few minutes early, so Georgia got dressed and then sat in the "play area" for a minute to read a book.  I looked over and realized she looked like she was waiting for a plane at the airport... carry on bag ready, flipping through a magazine, and looking way too old and grown up!

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