Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bocce, Bar, Bye...

Last weekend, we headed into DC for a farewell party for our friends, Kate and Chan.  They're headed back to Kate's native Connecticut... for now.  I have a feeling we're going to be seeing them in DC again in the future (probably with a very fancy title in front of Kate's name!).

I can't believe I've known this lovely lady for almost 20 years.  We met in the back of a car during sorority recruitment at UCONN in 1998.  We lived together our senior year of college.   We both ended up in DC after grad school.  We dated our future husbands (both tech "geeks") at the same time.  We've been to each other's weddings.  Kate was one of the first people to hold Georgia in the NICU.  In recent years, they've trick-or-treated and picked strawberries with us here in the 'burbs and we've hung out with them in the city.

Did I mention that Georgia LOVED being in a bar on a Saturday night in the city?!?!  Not shocking, I know.  The party girl was in her element!  The bar in DC also had a bocce court and a giant Connect Four.  I'm pretty sure Nick and I could have left and picked her up at closing time and she would have been in the same place.

Rock on!

We're so sad to see our good friends (and Queen Lizzie) head onto their next adventure(s) in Connecticut, but perhaps we'll see them during our next drive to MA.  

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