Monday, December 21, 2015

Party People...

Last weekend's plans were go-go-go.  Unfortunately, Georgia decided to catch a wonky bug that impacted some of those plans.  Luckily, even with a 103 degree fever, she's a pretty agreeable little party-goer.  The weirdest part about her bug was that her fever came/went crazy fast.  One minute, she'd be at 103 degrees and ten minutes later, she'd be back to normal.  

On Friday, she missed school and her class party/sing-along.

On Saturday, things weren't looking good in the morning.  So, I figured Nick's work party was out for the evening.  However, by the afternoon, she was fever free and ready to rock.  So, we packed the tylenol and headed out hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.  

How is it that I am always the first one ready to leave the house?!?!  Isn''t the mom supposed to be running late still doing her hair and make-up????  Instead, I'm waiting in the driveway waiting for my two monkeys.

The party has an awesome kids room with gingerbread cookie decorating, games, a special buffet for the younger party-goers (with delicious mac-n-cheese!), and the man himself... Santa!  Georgia has avoided him like the plague in years past.  By some miracle, we actually got a picture with him last year.  NOT this year.  She literally hid from him inside of my dress.  I thought she was trying to crawl back inside the womb!  

She wouldn't sit with Santa, but she loved hanging out with Auntie Adrienne!

Not sure a bad looking picture for a very last minute party decision

My date for the evening

Georgia was highly entertained by a simple game of toss the candy cane rope and would have happily played the game all night.  EXCEPT... she was the first one to hear the dj get started in the ballroom.  She grabbed Adrienne and dragged her into the real party!

The party girl!

After dinner, movie night began for the kids in another area of the hotel.  Georgia pulled up a pillow and got comfy checking out the candy bar and some holiday movies with the other kids!

We literally had to drag her out of the party late night!

On Monday, I walked in from work to see that my little elves had been busy decorating the house for my birthday!

Georgia was so excited for my surprise, especially the cake!  Who knew that my husband could bake cakes??!?!  Talk about a secret talent... that I will now be abusing!

Georgia certainly enjoyed helping me open all my presents... and then promptly stole a new soft scarf and claimed it as her own!

I wrapped up the big 3-6 with my annual tradition of running my age...

And then we woke up to Fred the Elf trying to eat my leftover cake the next morning!  Back off, Fred!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Favorites 2015...

I truly feel like this weekend is the calm before the true crazy storm of Christmas week.  Last weekend was go-go-go, so we enjoyed a little more down time this weekend and tried to enjoy our last full weekend at home before our trek north later this week.

Onto the December favorites...

1 - My favorite memes from this month...

Nothing more needs to be said!


2 - Fred the Elf is back in town!

As much as this little guy drives me batty (and causes a little anxiety when I realize we didn't move him in the middle of the night), Georgia LOVES waking up and running downstairs to find his new location every morning.

Hes baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Zip-line across the living room!

3 - Love Actually

My all-time favorite movie is on non-stop these days.  I just can't consider it Christmas until I've watched it from start to finish (much to Nick's "excitement").  I don't seem to be alone in my love for this classic as the photo below is now one of my most-like Instagram posts of all time!  There's something amazing about watching "Love Actually" late night with just the light of the Christmas tree glowing in the background.  The airport scene at the beginning gets me EVERY TIME!

4 - Sharing is Caring

A few weeks back, Georgia discovered one of my old teddy bears on her shelves.  Since she has approximately 10,989 stuffed animals, apparently he had gone undiscovered for quite some time.  I explained that the bear used to be mine when I was little.  She told me that maybe we could share him and he could rotate nights sleeping with each of us.  I didn't think anything of it until I went to bed later that night and found this guy sitting on my pillow waiting for me...

5  Scratch Ticket Disappointment

Last weekend, Georgia wasn't feeling too hot.  She had a fever that kept bouncing up to 103.  She was quite punchy and pretty funny, even with the fever.  She was pretty excited to receive a scratch ticket  (or "scratch money" as she calls it) in the mail from her Mimi in Massachusetts. She was determined to win the $10,000 prize advertised on the ticket.  Even the difference in her body language between the two videos really tells the story:

The before:

The after:

6 - My Little Reader

A few weeks back, I decided to grab a few Level 1/2 books from the book room and bring them home for Georgia.  She loves practicing her sight words from school, so I figured she could put them to good use.  She was so proud to "read" books from Mama's big kid school...

7 - Toy Building for Christmas

Nick decided late night to start building Georgia's "big" present from Santa this weekend... a giant ride on jeep.  Unfortunately, the directions appeared to be translated into English from a different language.  Sort of.  As Nick posted on Facebook, WHO THE HELL IS PAUL??!?!?!  The poor man was in the basement for hours trying to decipher the directions.

8 - Christmas TV 

I love the television schedule during the month of December... all great movies like "The Sound of Music" and "The Wizard of Oz" have been on, as well as the holiday classics like "Rudolph" and "Elf."  We've had so much fun watching all the specials together with Georgia this year!

Hanging out with my peeps!

9 - New Favorite Cookie

If you like chocolate chips cookies + sea salt + browned butter, go make this recipe RIGHT NOW!!!  We have a cookie exchange at school tomorrow, so I made these babies last night and there are definitely a few missing this morning (see meme about diabetes in #1).

10 - Winter Lights

We have a yearly tradition of putting on our pajamas and driving through the local Winter Lights Festival display at the nearby state park.  This year, they also gave out 3D glasses, which completely entertained Georgia.  We blasted the Christmas tunes and danced away in the car as we checked out the lights!