Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Dancing Queen...

For the past few years, Georgia has taken dance lessons that were available at her daycare.  It really was more of a "movement" class and she always loved participating.  However, there was no year end recital, no real dance shoes, no costume, etc.  Since I loved dance myself back in the day - including the costume, the big recital, etc., I wanted to offer her that opportunity.  So, I started researching some local dance studios and found out that several neighbors all attended the same studio in a nearby town.  I signed Georgia up for a trial class and it was love at first dance!

So, every Thursday, after school, she now attends a combination tap/ballet class with Miss Lisa.  She is beyond excited to go every week.  She loves the outfit (they have to wear tights/leotard/hair up) and thinks her tap shoes are made of gold.  The studio is pretty serious about the classes, so parents are not allowed into the room with the kids (though we can take a peek thru a 1-way window/curtain).  Luckily, Georgia had no problem separating.  Frankly, she couldn't have been happier to ditch me.  I get 45 minutes to read, catch up on work/emails/etc. while she's at class.

Last week, they had the official "parent observation" week, meaning that we were all allowed in to see what the kids have been working on this fall as they gear up for their big recital in January!

My serious little dancer!

The teacher is AMAZING and has the patience of a saint!  She's fun, but also mixes in some real "dance lingo" and asks the kids questions about what certain words mean while they are dancing away.  Of course, Georgia, was more than happy to yell out the answer every time.


Learning how to shuffle-step is quite a process...


If anything, hopefully, dance will improve her balance skills (she definitely inherited my ability to fall over air!)...

They always start with their tap shoes and mid-way through the class, they go over and swap into their ballet shoes.


I'm not so sure I could survive their last song...