Saturday, November 21, 2015

Georgetown Day - Part 1...

Last Sunday's weather was predicted to be sunny, warm and mild.  Knowing that we would soon be stuck indoors for months, we decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and go on a little adventure downtown to one of our favorite neighborhoods... Georgetown!  On the drive down, I tried to explain to Georgia that she is actually sort-of named after this part of town since Mommy and Daddy met there 9 years ago.

Georgia has been DYING to go ice skating for well over a year.  She talks about it non-stop, including in the middle of the summer.  However, this kid is NOT a lover of cold weather (like her Mama!), so taking her to an ice rink in the middle of winter would probably last about 5 seconds.  The outdoor skating rink in Georgetown at Washington Harbour opened earlier this week and we figured that in combination with the warm weather, we MIGHT be able to convince Georgia to stay on the ice for more than a minute or two... if the stars aligned.  The only problem was that Nick and I didn't take into consideration that ice melts in sunny warm weather.  So, the ice rink was a tad damp as the upper layer of ice was melting away.  It wasn't so bad, as long as you didn't fall!  I watched some little boy bite it and come up with completely soaking wet jeans.  I then made the official decision to play family photographer vs skate on the ice!

The good news... With the warm weather and slushy ice, the rink was practically empty.

The bad news... dull skate blades in combination with slushy ice meant that no one went anywhere very fast.  It was more like walking on ice vs skating.

Nick and I predicted that Georgia would last approximately 5 minutes on the ice.  She actually lasted about 7 minutes, so she proved us wrong!

"Taking a break"