Saturday, October 3, 2015

Finally Fall 2015...

It's been a busy week in the Thoman house!  Our highlights...

1 - Georgia started taking ballet/tap class at a local dance studio!
We started off by taking a "trial" class last week and since she loved every second, we are now officially signed up for a weekly class.  Her reaction to the tap shoes was classic... she loved everything about them!

Best tip of the week - Payless sells tap shoes!  Who knew?!?!

2 - Saturday mornings are all about t-ball this month!
Go Orioles (this might be the only time my Red Sox loving heart proclaims this!)...


 3 - I ran the DC Color Run with Team Shout!
A few weeks back, my neighbor (and blogger) asked if I wanted to join them in running the DC Color Run with Team Shout, a sponsor of the race.  Yes, please! 

Thanks for the goodies, Shout!

After finding my VIP parking spot (SWEET!) and putting on all my Shout gear, I met up with the team for some pre-race obstacle course fun.  Somehow, I managed to get myself on top of the leader board for a short time!

Team Shout had us lead off the race, so we led the pack out of the starting gates (as I looked around and realized this was the first time that I had EVER been in the lead pack at a run - definitely NOT my usual pace group).  Color runs are always a blast and it turned out to be a beautiful morning to get dirty with a fun group of people.

After the race, we got to take the stage and pump up the crowd by dumping the color orange all over them with Team Shout!  #Shoutitout!

Onstage and having fun!

4 - Apple Picking!
After getting home from the Color Run, I took a quick shower (and managed to scrub off about 80% of the color off my body - the blue on my arm did NOT want to come off!) so we could head out for some apple picking at a nearby farm.

Georgia reminded us a thousand times that SHE prefers yellow and red apples (Sorry, babe, but Mama loves her granny smith apples for lunch!).

Apparently our kid was starving because she ate 2-3 apples while we were out in the fields!

After filling her belly, the little diva needed a lift back to the farm stand to pay for her apples!

It can be rough to be Miss G...

Before we left the farm, we said hello to the goats.  Our favorite even had a little flower on her horn...

5 - Homework is fun?!?!
Georgia now gets a weekly homework packet from school and she could not be more excited about it!  When does the excitement about homework wear off?!?!