Thursday, September 17, 2015

Play Ball!

After playing soccer for the past few years, we decided to try something new this fall and register for t-ball.  In terms of pure entertainment, the two cannot even be compared.  Watching 4 year-olds play t-ball is absolutely hysterical.  From hitting to running the bases, it's non-stop fun...

My little shortstop!

After a few practices, opening day was this past weekend.  The weather started off okay, but soon the skies opened and the kids were playing in a downpour.  

Completely entertained just kicking the dirt around the infield

G was pretty excited to play a sport that involved an entire outfit... plus gear!

Go Orioles!

Batter up...

Love Nick filming the moment in the background as Coach Jay helps Georgia get set

I was a proud Momma - G got up and hit the ball on her first attempt!  I love how the Clarksburg t-ball games are played --- everyone gets to hit every inning, everyone gets to run the bases even if they are "out," everyone gets to score, etc.  It's a great way to learn the basics and no score is kept.  We recognized lots of friends on the other team too from school and around the neighborhood and everyone cheered on all the kids.  It was a nice little way to spend a Saturday morning.

Beating the throw to 1st base as Coach Nick tells her where to go!


Heading to 3rd base!

Heading to home!

The kids all moved around in the field for the 2nd inning and Georgia moved over to the other side of the field.  She was still more interested in playing in the dirt than the actual game, but.... baby steps!  You would have thought that none of our kids had ever seen dirt before - they were all out there kicking it, picking it up, throwing it around, etc.  

You know you're going for team MVP when you get a personal umbrella Mimi to keep you dry in between innings...

Good game, Orioles & Nationals!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Back to the Grind...

Now that all the Disney recaps are done and posted, it's time to catch up on life the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, "real life" means going back to school and work!  We had an amazing summer, but it's back to the grind and routine of our normal life.


Georgia officially transitioned to her final classroom at Watch Me Grow - the Butterflies!  She's officially the "big kid" at school.

Mimi sent a new backpack that arrived at our house on the 1st day of school and Georgia could not have been more excited to bring it with her to school on day #2...

We also had our first "homework" assignment - designing a cube all about Georgia.  Gotta love preschool homework - not sure if this one was for Mommy/Daddy or the kids!

Going back to school isn't easy, especially for ME!  A few hours into my first day back and the secretary called down to my office to tell me that I had a flower delivery from my favorite people - G, Nick and KC!

Brightening up my office!

Sadly, our county changed the school hours this year and elementary schools now dismiss 30 minutes later in the afternoon.  I never realized how long 30 minutes can feel!  Even though I only work a town away from where we live, it's doubled my commute home.  I can't even imagine what it is going to feel like to get home in the dark in the winter since it already feels like we are getting home so much later.

My first back-to-school shopping included a stop at the sporting goods store... We are officially a tball family this fall!

An instagram shot from our first tball practice, which is our new family Friday night activity...

Batting practice!

We've been putting in some extra practice at home to improve our throwing and hitting skills...


Other random from the first week...

Georgia and I have been having fun coming up with cool new ways for her to wear her hair to school.  Elsa is a very big inspiration after meeting her at Disney...

We spent the Labor Day holiday celebrating with family in Bethesda.  I think it will officially be the last pool day as the weather has already gotten a bit cooler this past week...


Unfortunately, Labor Day weekend also brought a trip to the local 24 hour pediatric clinic.  Georgia had already missed a day of school the previous week for a terrible cough, but she seemed to bounce back right away.  However, by the weekend, she was covered in a nasty rash.  Nick took her to the clinic and came home with a diagnosis of strep throat, scarlet fever and a prescription for antibiotics!  Georgia just enjoyed all the popsicles...

Even though the mornings are getting much cooler, our little deck patio is still going strong.  This week had a bumper crop of peppers and tomatoes.  Along with our scallions (and a store bought cucumber and olives), we were able to whip up quite a salad from our own crops!