Friday, July 10, 2015

Lake Livin' - Day 1

On Thursday morning, we loaded way too much stuff into our car (I blame Georgia's food allergies for my packing of enough food/drink to feed a family of 5 for several months!) and headed out to the first destination on our road trip.... Branchport, NY.  Thankfully, Georgia is now an old hand at car travel and does fairly well on these long rides.  Give the chick an iPad and she's more than happy to just watch her shows/movies.  Hand back a snack or two every now and again and you barely know that she is back there!  She really only interrupts the drive to let you know when she needs a pit stop.

About an hour into the ride, we discovered that we had a stowaway...

Meet Tops... a toy dinosaur that belongs to one of G's friends.  He apparently wanted to come to the lake too!  We decided to make it a running gag and had Tops "text" his owner to fill him in on his adventures throughout the week.

After a very long drive through Pennsylvania, we finally got to New York and to gorgeous Keuka Lake.

Nick's family has been vacationing at Keuka for quite a few years.  His aunt is originally from the area and still has lots of family in the surrounding region.  Several years ago, they bought a "motel" right behind their original property and did a total renovation of the facility and opened up Lady of the Lakes Suites, which also served as our accommodations for the weekend.

It's hard to believe that we've been going to the lake for almost a decade at this point.  Nick and I had been dating for about 8 months or so when I first went with him to the lake back in July of 2007.  Flashback time...

Who are those babies?!?!?

We missed the lake in 2008 and 2009 due to wedding craziness as all of our friends (and us!) got married.  We were back in 2010 celebrating our 1st anniversary...

2011 was another skip year since Georgia made her early arrival at the end of April and had just come home from the NICU in mid-June.  We brought her to the lake for the first time in 2012...

Baby's 1st boat ride and bar!

In 2013, we missed out on the lake due to a wedding and I will be eternally grateful for that timing since I spent that 4th of July in the hospital unexpectedly having my gallbladder removed.  2014 was another miss due to timing and other life events.  So here we are in 2015 and we're BACK!

After a quick unpack/unload of the car, we grabbed the keys to the boat and headed out to explore...

1st boat ride of 2015!

Driving the boat with Daddy
Georgia took to the boating life pretty quickly...

Wind-blown hair and no make-up... I love lake life!

By dinnertime, Nick's parents had arrived from Ohio with his grandmother and everyone spent some time catching up and playing with some new lake toys...

Top L - Nick, his dad and Georgia driving boats
Top R - Nick and his 94 year old grandmother driving the boats
Bottom - Georgia driving boats with her grandpa and daddy

Telling her great-grandma all about her manicure colors!

Georgia wrapped up the night by giving some bread to some new friends...

Feeding the ducks with grandpa

We were exhausted from our long day in the car, so we called it a night and headed up to our suite.  Georgia crashed and we just hoped that she didn't crash out of her bed, since we didn't bring any bed rails with us.  Nick and I were hanging out in the living room when we spotted an amazing sight that lit up the entire lake...

Yeah for country living!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Catching Up on Life...

Whew - what a whirlwind of a week.  We just got home last night after a long road trip to New York and Canada.  While all my photos upload from that trip, I thought I'd catch up on photos and an update about life BEFORE we left for vacation.

Day #12 of summer - Our anniversary!  Happy 6th anniversary to Nick and I.  I know the saying "time flies" is such a cliché, but it really does go by in a flash. 

Our amazing neighbors text us in the morning and told us that we should go out to dinner and to send Georgia over to their house for a playdate.  Ummm... yes!!  So Nick and I headed off to a special fondue dinner while Georgia played the evening away down the street with her buddies.  Thanks neighbors!

Day #13 of summer - Happy birthday Matthew!!!  We love you!

Since it was a Monday and Georgia was home from school on Mondays, we headed out with friends/neighbors to explore Cabin John Regional Park.  For years and years, we've heard about the miniature train that runs in the park and we knew that Georgia would love it, but we've never gotten around to going there.  Problem solved!  We got to ride the train a few different times and got to run around and explore the amazing playground in the park  We'll definitely be back to visit again!

Day #14 of summer - Deck farming is a success and harvesting has begun.

Day #15 of summer - Every now and again, there are parenting moments that just blow you away.  On this particular morning, I was in the kitchen and Georgia was playing quietly in the living room.  I heard her yell,"Is there an A in Mom?"  I yelled back and it went quiet again.  Then Georgia walked in with a huge grin on her face to show me what she had been working on...

WOW!  She has spelled all of these words before and loves to practice writing them, but this was the first time that she typed them all out.  She was so proud of herself and we were so proud of her!

Since it was a Wednesday, we were home for the day, so we decided to hit up the Rio area with friends for their Little Tots weekly event, which happened to be an animal show.  It was a definite hit with the teaching crowd because we saw lots of familiar faces and friends at the show.  Since it was a gorgeous morning, we decided to hit up some of the other area activities, including the carousel, playground and train.

That kid LOVES trains!!!

Knowing that we were leaving town the next morning, Georgia and I hit the nail salon for a little last minute pampering.  While I got a pedicure, Georgia got her toes and nails painted.  She picked out a combo of pink/purple - not exactly 4th of July colors, but they made her happy!

Onto packing...