Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween -The Never-ending Holiday!

Call me crazy, but I don't recall Halloween lasting FOREVER in previous years.  This year, it seemed like we constantly were reminded that Georgia "could wear a costume" for X, Y, Z event.  Well, of course, once a 4 year-old finds out that she can wear a costume somewhere, it is ON!

Halloween #1 - School
Georgia's school has a yearly "fall festival" and I'm always grateful that they hold the event the week BEFORE the actual Halloween holiday.  It's a nice way to kick off a week of festivities before things get too crazy.

First costume... Skye from the beloved "Paw Patrol!"

I mean.... look at that cheesy grin!??!


Can we just take a moment to flashback to her first Fall Festival at school?!?!  She was LIVID that I painted her nose black and gave her whiskers (notice that it's all rubbed off her nose already in the picture below!).

My sad little kitty back in 2012!

Halloween #2 - Dance class
Dance also encouraged the kids to wear a costume during their weekly class.  After some digging through the costumes in the toy chest, Queen Elsa emerged for tap and ballet... with Mickey ears!

Halloween #2.5 - Day BEFORE Halloween
Yup, we still had to look cute on the Friday BEFORE Halloween at school, so G wore her new shirt from Mimi...

On Friday evening, we had our last t-ball practice of the year.  Trophies were distributed... and chaos ensued!

Halloween #3 - Last T-ball Game
On Saturday morning, we woke up to a beautiful (yet, a tad chilly) morning.  Again, we dug through the costume drawer.  This time we were looking for a warm, yet flexible, outfit that Georgia could wear to her game...  and we found our panda costume from last year!

Still fits... sort of!!

It's amazing to see how much all the kids improved over this season!   

Mimi made it to the very first game of the year and to the last game of the season.

Halloween #3.5 - Trunk-or-Treating at the Village Center
After t-ball, we got a few hours to recover and warm up before we headed over to our neighborhood shopping center for a trick-or-treating event at all the stores.  Georgia finally got to debut her ACTUAL Halloween costume for 2015... a wolf!

She was obsessed with her tail!

Just a wolf and her Mimi!

We made it!  After a week of non-stop costume action, we finally made it to Halloween night.  Before we met up with all our neighborhood buddies, some crazy sharks (including Queen Lizzie, our favorite corgi!) invaded our house for dinner and to join us for trick-or-treating.

Check out this crew of cuties!

Post Halloween pic with my favorite girl!

And just like that, it's November.

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