Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Quick" Flight to Boston via NYC...

I know... I've been a very bad blogger.  For the first time since starting this blog 5+ years ago, I took a 2 week break.  Frankly, life just got too busy.  It seems like we've been on the go non-stop for the past few weeks.  

Last week, we were literally "on the go".... to New England.  We hadn't traveled to Massachusetts during the fall since 2011 when we had Georgia's baptism in October.  Early Saturday morning, we headed to BWI to catch our flight to Boston.

Best perk of traveling with a 4 year-old... she can carry her own stuff!  It's amazing what you can shove into a teeny tiny backpack --- stuffed animal, blanket, ipad, snacks, water bottle, etc.  

We boarded our flight and got settled in for the quick flight to Logan Airport.  The crew was happy to even announce that we were taking off early.  It was then that I should have known we were doomed!  

Snacks + JetBlue's television = one happy preschooler.  Her smile got even bigger once she realized that JetBlue serves Skeeter cookies, which are completely peanut-free and Georgia safe!  Nothing like some chocolate chip cookies for a morning snack!!

Note to self --- We really need to get this kid some headphones that allow her to still hear the outside world when she wears them.   She SCREAMED several times during the flight.  Nothing bad.  More like "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" during take-off and then "I WANT SOME WATER!" mid-flight.  My favorite was "WE ARE OFF THE EARTH!"  She has no clue how loud she is talking while she has them on.

All was going well until the pilot came on to make an announcement as we approached the Massachusetts border.  At first, I barely listened figuring it was the standard announcement about starting our descent.  However, as soon as I heard the word "emergency," my ears perked up.  Apparently an indicator light in the cockpit notified the crew that one of the emergency doors was not fully closed and that we would have to make an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York City.  Ummm.... no?!?!?!  The pilot was very calm during the announcement and stressed that we were not in danger, but they had to land immediately.  Seriously, who forgets to close a door?????  I would think that is on the top 5 list when an airplane is departing a gate.  Nick immediately noticed that we were descending fairly rapidly (we assumed to get us to a lower altitude in case that door did decide to leave its hinge - though the pilot assured us that the door would NOT be flying off in flight!).  

I watched on the monitor as we pulled a u-turn and headed back towards New York City as the little plane icon got further and further away from Boston.  We soon were flying very low with Long Island off the left side of the plane and the Connecticut coast off the right.  Georgia was none the wiser as she continued to enjoy watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Within 20 minutes, we were on the ground in NYC and I was furiously texting with my mom, who was standing at Logan Airport wondering what "re-directed" means on the arrival screen next to our flight.  Apparently the folks at the counter in Boston weren't even sure where our flight went as she showed them my texts telling her that we had landed safely in New York.

The maintenance folks quickly boarded the plane at the gate and started investigating the emergency exit doors a few rows behind us.  The pilot told us that hopefully it would be a quick fix, so we were not allowed to leave the plane.  Nick and I started chatting about Plan B - train, bus, rental car, another plane???  Nick always makes fun of me for packing enough snacks to feed a family of 15 for 24 hours, but I was certainly glad to have my backpack filled with snack bars now.  Luckily, everything was repaired within the hour and after a re-fuel, we were headed back down the runway for take-off #2 of the day (Hi NYC, Bye NYC!).  It was then that Georgia wondered aloud, "Guess we aren't gonna have time to go to Mimi's house!"

39 minutes later, we landed at Logan airport.  The people in front of us even complimented Georgia on her behavior during the flight (they must have excused the random screaming).  Overall, I too was impressed with her during this crazy flight of up/down and up/down again.

So not quite the quick flight that we had anticipated, but we made it... safely!  We weren't even home yet before we received the apology email from JetBlue along with a credit to use for a future flight.  You know you're an allergy mom when my first thought was that I would absolutely fly them again because even with an emergency landing, they still had a tv and nut-free cookies for my kid!

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