Saturday, October 24, 2015

5 Year Blog-versary and a New England wedding...

Holy moly - we woke up this morning and as I was brushing my teeth/scrolling through my timehop app (always mutli-tasking in this house!), this little gem popped up...

5 years?!?!  Time flies when you're having fun... and you have a 4 year-old. 

I still remember thinking that I'd just blog the construction/building process of our house so that everyone could see what we were up to here in Maryland and we'd have an online journal of sorts to remember the entire ordeal. In the beginning, I posted mainly whenever we made major design decisions or we arrived to the site to find progress. 

Of course, little did I know at the time that I wouldn't even get to live in my brand new house for 2 weeks before our next adventure began and I found myself on hospital bedrest.  17 days later, there was a special little baby girl in our lives and the blog became our news outlet to family/friends all over the country.  Sometimes during those long hospital days I posted several times a day just to keep the news flowing and keep everyone updated on the daily ups and downs of the NICU life. 

Thankfully, life hasn't been as dramatic over the past few years, but the days are filled with school, work, soccer, dance, running, tball, birthday parties, wedding weekends, travel, etc.  Some weeks, I still struggle to find time to update, especially lately.  But, I still enjoy sharing our craziness with all the family/friends who still follow along on our journey!  Will I make it another 5 years?  Only time will tell...

Two weekends ago,  we found ourselves back in Massachusetts for a family wedding.  After a dramatic arrival which I covered in my last post, we settled into a quick 48 hour visit with family.  I think we managed to visit with 90% of our relatives during the very brief time that we were in town.

Playing a mean game of balloon volleyball with Auntie Elaine

Playing outside with Auntie Lisa

Catching up with cutie-pie, Brayden!

Georgia even got to spend an entire day with "her boys" in New Hampshire while Nick and I attended a wedding.  Apparently she brought great luck to Nathan's soccer team and they won the tournament with their favorite little cheerleader on the sidelines!  I'm shocked that she even wanted to come home to us considering all the fun things that she did with them during the day.

Constructing a haunted house

Nathan's soccer tournament

Hanging with her cousins

Auntie deserves a super special shout-out since she took care of my kid all day long and delivered her to wedding reception later that evening... all dressed up and with her hair curled!  That's going way and above the call of Auntie duty... especially when your kid doesn't like itchy dresses.

Dancing with Mimi

Hugs for the bride

Hanging with the Spellissy crew

Only my kid would show up at a wedding and convince a dj to play "Let It Go!"

The wedding reception was held lakeside and the weather could not have been more perfect for a New England fall wedding.

Mimi always knows how to party!

Of course, after such a fun day with her cousins, G was pooped after about an hour of getting her dance on!  The candy dessert bar rallied her for a bit, but the poor thing was exhausted.  I text Melissa to say that she wiped out the kid and she responded with, "well, she did tackle the football dummies for a few hours today at the game..."

Unfortunately, we were only able to squeeze in a quick visit for the weekend.  Soon enough, we found ourselves back at Logan Airport jetting back to DC!  Until Christmas break...

Boston Harbor sunset

And out cold as we pull into our garage back in MD!

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