Sunday, September 20, 2015

Zoo Trip 2015...

Fall is the PERFECT time to visit the Smithsonian's National Zoo!  It seems like we always manage to squeeze in a trip during these early fall days when it's still pretty warm in the DC area.

Flashback to Fall 2013

This year, both Mimi and Grandpa decided to visit on the same weekend, so we had some company during our annual zoo trip!  They must have brought us some luck too because we spotted lots of animals, including the orangutans crossing the ropes as soon as we entered the zoo.  The lion cubs (who are now around 18 months old) were out and about chasing each other and playing in their areas too.  

The sea lion was chasing the kids and trying to "bite" their hands!

Georgia.... you will NOT find the elephants in the rock!

Stopping for a ride on the carousel

One of the male lions grabbing a drink

The girls were just running around having fun!

My one (and consistent) complaint about the zoo... their food service options are ATROCIOUS!  Not only are the choices limited, but their healthy options are truly lacking.  I packed a lunch for Georgia and I, but Nick/Bruce/Mimi waited in line forever to get some sad looking meatball subs.  Why meatball subs?  Because they were the only thing they were currently cooking.  (?!?!?!?)  Thank goodness I took the time to pack Georgia a lunch because the zoo fryers were broken, which meant that there were NO SAFE food options available to a child with food allergies.  Hello, Smithsonian!!!  Rant over.  Zoo staff - call me/email me/tweet me.  I would love to dedicate a few days of my life to helping you help food allergy families.

Waiting for lunch

Unfortunately, the panda house was closed due to the recent birth of a new baby boy panda at the zoo.  But, we were still able to catch a glimpse at big sister Bao Bao sleeping in a tree outside and we spotted the baby cub and Mama on the panda cam/tv that they had set up at the panda exhibit.

Hands down, our favorite animals to visit at the zoo are ALWAYS the Asian otters.  These guys never disappoint and are always up to some funny antics.  This time, they were playing with rocks, flipping in the waterfall, and just being absolutely adorable!

A benefit to having grandparents with you at the zoo... the elusive family of 3 photo:

With Grandpa, Daddy and some otter friends

Unfortunately, the sloth bears were a no show.  But, Georgia had a blast climbing all over the stairs near their exhibit.

Fairly certain the small mammal house is uber-popular because everyone on the planet takes their picture on this cute little statue out front...

The zoo has lots of these little cute photo op statues, including the frog outside the reptile house...

The best part about the National Zoo... it's free!  Take advantage and stop in to say hi to all our favorite animals!!

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