Thursday, September 17, 2015

Play Ball!

After playing soccer for the past few years, we decided to try something new this fall and register for t-ball.  In terms of pure entertainment, the two cannot even be compared.  Watching 4 year-olds play t-ball is absolutely hysterical.  From hitting to running the bases, it's non-stop fun...

My little shortstop!

After a few practices, opening day was this past weekend.  The weather started off okay, but soon the skies opened and the kids were playing in a downpour.  

Completely entertained just kicking the dirt around the infield

G was pretty excited to play a sport that involved an entire outfit... plus gear!

Go Orioles!

Batter up...

Love Nick filming the moment in the background as Coach Jay helps Georgia get set

I was a proud Momma - G got up and hit the ball on her first attempt!  I love how the Clarksburg t-ball games are played --- everyone gets to hit every inning, everyone gets to run the bases even if they are "out," everyone gets to score, etc.  It's a great way to learn the basics and no score is kept.  We recognized lots of friends on the other team too from school and around the neighborhood and everyone cheered on all the kids.  It was a nice little way to spend a Saturday morning.

Beating the throw to 1st base as Coach Nick tells her where to go!

Heading to 3rd base!

Heading to home!

The kids all moved around in the field for the 2nd inning and Georgia moved over to the other side of the field.  She was still more interested in playing in the dirt than the actual game, but.... baby steps!  You would have thought that none of our kids had ever seen dirt before - they were all out there kicking it, picking it up, throwing it around, etc.  

You know you're going for team MVP when you get a personal umbrella Mimi to keep you dry in between innings...

Good game, Orioles & Nationals!

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