Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Disney Night 7 - Hollywood Studios

After a long day at the Magic Kingdom, we headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit and hopefully sneak in a nap.  Unfortunately, Georgia had different ideas and had ZERO interest in napping.  Oh boy...

The typical afternoon thunderstorm hit and quickly left, so we decided to head back to Hollywood Studios for their nightly Fantasmic show and "Frozen" fireworks.  We attempted to go to Fantasmic last year when we were at Disney, but we were rained out, so we never left the hotel to return to the park.  It seemed like we were doomed because earlier in the week, we got rained out of Fantasmic for the second time.  Third time is the charm???

We jumped on the bus as we all pulled up our weather apps and realized it was going to be a close call!

Georgia picked up a new wolf pup when we visited the Ft Wilderness resort.  Thankfully, Mimi's brush was always quick entertainment during all of our bus rides!

By the time we got back to Hollywood Studios for the evening, a lot of the rides were shut down (or in the process of closing).  Any of the other major attractions had very long lines and were not worth the wait since the Fantasmic show started in an hour.  We strolled up Main Street and found a massive dance party with a dj and even some characters.  I may have danced with Goofy!

Minnie even made an appearance.  Unfortunately, Georgia was in an epic cranky mood and wanted nothing to do with these guys.  Too bad kid because I had a great time dancing with the characters!

In the best news of the night, Hollywood Studios sells alcoholic slushies... exactly what the doctor ordered after a week of Disney with a cranky and sleep deprived 4 year old!  Nick also found a delicious mac-n-cheese-pulled-pork bowl that we inhaled during the dance party.

Since most things were closing and it seemed like they were encouraging people to head toward the front of the park, we started walking towards the Fantasmic arena about 30-40 minutes before the show was scheduled to start.  We planned to hit the early showing (9pm), but there is also a later show (10:30pm) on some nights. 

By the time we walked there, the arena was already halfway full. 

Mini-tip --- You can use a FP+ for Fantasmic.  You get access to the center rows of the arena.  Also, check out the VIP Fantastmic lunch and dinner reservations available.

We settled in for a wait and snacked on popcorn, pretzels and a bevy of other junk food.  Gotta love Disney dinner on the go!  All the while, we watched the lightning fire up all around us.  As we pulled up the weather app, an announcement was made that at any point, the show could be cancelled or postponed.  AHHHH!

Mini-tip --- If it's raining or looks like bad weather, check with your Disney hotel staff to see if the Fantasmic show is still happening as scheduled for that evening!

Kharma was again on our side as the show started! 

Mini-tip --- The middle section of Fantasmic may not be for your little guy/gal.  I think Georgia was confused, so she didn't quite get that the villains were "winning," but it's intense, loud and a tad bit scary.  Of course, the end, in my opinion, is amazing (hint - Mickey always wins at Disney!).

As we exited the Fantasmic show, the remainder of the park was lined up and ready for the "Frozen" fireworks to begin.  Unfortunately, for us, the Shades of Green bus picks up at Hollywood Studios at ten of the hour.  We didn't want to miss the bus and have to wait an additional hour since Miss Cranky Pants was quickly deteriorating without a nap.  So, we watched the fireworks right at the entrance and hightailed it to the bus stop as the final fireworks were going off.

Mini-tip --- If you are at Shades of Green and don't want to rush out, just take the Polynesian Hotel bus transportation back to their hotel and walk back to Shades.  Looking back, we should have done that!

Overall, I'm just excited that we FINALLY got to see the Fantasmic show! 

Onto our final full day in Florida... Animal Kingdom!

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