Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 2015 Favorites...

I'm interrupting my Disney recaps to squeeze in a last day of August monthly favorites post!  I couldn't let the month slide by without recapping some of my favorite things and moments.  Back to Florida later this week to finish off my Disney recaps and tips!

UGH... and just like that, summer is over.  HOW?!?!  WHY?!?!  I love fall, but there is something about summer that I will always love the most.  Not working for two months is always a huge bonus, but it's all the other stuff too - the long days, the pool, BBQs with good friends and cold beer, etc.  We tried our best to take advantage of the long hot days with lots of fun activities.  A few things that haven't made the blog yet that we loved during the month of August...

1 - Visitors!
We had our yearly summer visit from the Brodeurs and Georgia loved every minute of having "the boys" attention...

Sharing a snack with Nathan

Hanging with Matthew

Hugs with Auntie

We visited the International Spy Museum and the National Archives and just ran around the city having fun.  Although I've been to the Spy Museum a bunch of times, this was my very first time in the Archives.  Bottom line - it was awesome and very cool!  We may have come home and immediately watched "National Treasure" after Georgia went to bed.

Checking out the US Navy Memorial

Hunting down spies!

2 - My big girl

As much as this child can drive me crazy some days, she is also the most lovable little huggy bear that I know.  I'm so glad that we got to spend the summer together and I cannot BELIEVE that she is headed into her final year of PreK and will be off to Kindergarten next fall!  She is pretty darn excited to be a "Butterfly" this year.

3 - Gaithersburg Bohrer Park
Before we jetted off to Disney, Georgia and I spent one of our final days home at Bohrer Park.  She loved all the water slides, fountains, pools, etc.  It was a nice change from our community pool and it was a great deal on Groupon!  It made me even more excited to see her at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon because she was so excited to spend the day in the water.

If you are local to MoCo, check this place out!

4 - Reading
We spent the whole summer visiting the library and I LOVE that Georgia LOVES to read and is so interested in books.  Although our schedule is much busier during the school year, I hope we can continue our summer tradition of hitting the library every few weeks.  She loves to check out non-fiction books about animals.

5 - SkyRobics
A group of neighbors and I tried out a super fun aerobics class at our local SkyZone called Skyrobics.  The class was no joke - I could barely walk the next day!  But we had a blast.  Neighbors that jump together... get sore together???

6 - Elsa/Anna
I couldn't publish this post without at least mentioning one Disney memory... Elsa/Anna.  Since we started talking about Disney, it was all Georgia wanted to do - meet Elsa/Anna!  Most importantly, she couldn't wait to show Elsa her dress, crown and wand.  

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