Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Days.... Drifting Away!

I always dread the week after 4th of July.  For some reason, passing that "milestone" of summer and landing in mid-July seems to make the days go by faster as we barrel towards August and getting back to the normal daily grind that the school year brings with it.  

We can't stop summer from slowing down, so we're living it up.  

Life lately and some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks...

Day #25 of summer - Free slurpies on 7-11 day!

Day #27 - My little rock star getting her teeth cleaned and assisting the hygienist!

On Day #30 of our summer vacation, Mimi arrived for a weekend visit.  Within minutes, she was already being bossed around by the princess of the house...

Mimi being forced to run laps around the main level of the house while Georgia times her on Mimi's iPhone!

Since Mimi was in town, Nick and I took advantage and booked ourselves several date nights for the weekend! 

Several years ago, we took a couples cooking class at L'Academie de Cuisine and loved every minute of it.  Nick surprised me with another class for our anniversary this year and he booked it for the weekend my mom would be visiting.

Ready to cook!

Our menu for the night

Rolling out a little dough for our tart

Chopping up our tomatoes and marinating them in basal/garlic/olive oil/salt/pepper

This tart was absolutely amazing - we went home and recreated it the following night.  It's BETTER than pizza!

Our eats from the night!
Top L - Clams casino
Top R - Hangar steak with chimichurri sauce
Bottom L - Roasted new potatoes
Bottom R - Citrus flan

After our class ended, we wandered around downtown Bethesda since it was still 80+ degrees out and a beautiful evening to stroll.

The following morning, Nick headed out for an early tee time/golf date with his buddies while Mimi, Georgia and I hit up a local farm, East Rivendell, to check out their fresh produce.  We love visiting and supporting our local farms...

Georgia riding the tire swing at the farm

On Saturday evening, we headed to the Urbana Carnival for some crazy rides, yummy food and great live music!

There was a special on Saturday evening that included $5 off your tickets if you donated 5 canned goods.  We dug through the pantry and Georgia gladly handed over her cans.  The lady working at the table asked if she could take her picture and asked her name.  It was a few days later that I spotted Georgia's picture on the Greater Urbana Food Bank facebook page...

Our little daredevil wanted to ride ALL the big rides.  Nick took her on her first "adult" ride...

Georgia spotted the roller coaster from across the field.  Unfortunately, she wasn't tall enough to go on alone, but she could ride with an adult.  I attempted to squeeze my legs into the small seat with her and fit uncomfortably.  So Mimi volunteered to squeeze herself in there.  Only one problem.... Mimi doesn't do rides... until now!  My poor mother gets dizzy when she stands up quick, so this was a first for her.  Her quote - "A Mimi has to do what a Mimi has to do!"


My poor mother!  She said the best part was Georgia screaming, "Isn't this fun, Mimi???" the entire time!  Just a warm-up for Disney...

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NY Foodie Family said...

That cooking class looks like so much fun! I have to look into doing something like that with my husband. Aren't grandparents so much fun?!!! Looks like you had a great week! Visiting from Momfessionals!