Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 2015 Favorites!

A little break from our vacation recap...

Happy July!  I love everything about July... the heat/humidity of summer, 4th of July, fireworks, vacations, long days, warm nights, Shark Week, days lounging by the pool, wet hair/no makeup, etc. 

As you can probably tell, I'm slowly figuring out web design one step at a time (aka - one google at a time, a lot of experimenting and some mild cursing).  I just recently figured out how to do pages, so all of my past monthly favorites are now linked at the top of the page.

Onto my faves from this month...

1 - Erin Condren Life Planner

I know - I can't stop talking about it!  It's my new BFF.  I posted some pics to Instagram and promised further information and pictures, so here's the scoop (and then I promise to stop raving about it... for now!).

I first started hearing about Erin Condren life planners a few years ago, but I didn't really start looking into them until earlier this year.  My special education team at work is all obsessed with our planners, so they appreciated my new infatuation and flamed the fire!

The fun/stressful part of the life planner is the design process since you have to make so many decisions - custom cover vs ready to ship, personalized stickers vs standard, vertical vs horizontal layout, etc.  It took me a few months to commit, but now that it's here, I'm so happy with how it turned out and can't wait to use it to help keep me organized during the school year and with personal commitments, appointments and LIFE!

I mean, it even arrives in a super cute box...

My favorite accessory is the personalized stickers - I designed stickers for appointments, Georgia daycare events, NO SCHOOL, meetings, etc. (you pick the color and wording).

It also came with some other sample stickers and lots of color strips that you can write on to further personalize your calendar.  I also added in the snap-in meal planner, which can be used weekly and then wiped off and used again (and there's a shopping list on the back).

I may need to start my Christmas shopping.  I can become the Oprah of the life planner world - YOU get a planner and YOU get a planner.  You ALL get planners!!!!!

2 - Blackberries 

Last weekend, we headed back to our favorite farm for a little blackberry picking.  We weren't sure what to do with all the blackberries we picked, so Nick started googling and came up with the amazing idea to make cordial!  Homemade liquor?!?  YES please!

Next thing I knew, every pot and pan in our kitchen was out, as well as all the frozen berries from our previous farm trips this summer.  Nick ran to the store to buy some cheesecloth and got down to boiling berries!

Not quite sure about the taste yet... we're going to give it a few weeks bottled in the fridge before we have ourselves a little private tasting or before inviting the neighbors over to try it!
3 - Neighborhood movie night

We are loving the new movie nights that have been sponsored by a local church group that wants to become more involved in our neighborhood/community.  It's been fun packing up the chairs/blanket and hanging out with the neighbors while watching some kid-friendly flicks on Saturday evenings...

Georgia checking out "Toy Story 3"

4 - Homemade salsa

We've been picking tomatoes and jalapeno peppers like crazy this week, so I hunted down a salsa recipe and whipped it up this weekend using our own home grown ingredients.  I also threw in some scallions and salsa peppers since I had some growing in our deck containers.

Tell me this is not a Kardashian tomato?!?!?

We ate the salsa with tacos one evening and I put a giant scoop into my eggs the following mornings and it was DELISH!

5 - Krave Beef Jerky

I've never been a huge fan of beef jerky, but I was looking for a snack that wasn't just carbs or fruit and had a decent dose of protein.  I am absolutely addicted to these little packets - they're the perfect size to throw in my purse when I want a snack on the go and they are ridiculously tasty!  My favorite flavor (black cherry bbq) isn't even pictured because I may have eaten it all before I remembered to snap a pic - Oooops.

6 - Starbuck's new instant iced coffee

When we were packing for the lake last week, we realized that we wouldn't be using our typical k-cup coffee pods in the morning since there wouldn't be a Keurig available where we were staying.  I grabbed a box of this instant coffee in Target and made myself an iced coffee each morning when we were at the lake.  It was easy to make - just mix with water and serve over ice.  I mixed in a little creamer and I was good to go!  It's very sweet, but that's how I like my coffee (I also found the caramel version when we got back from the lake and bought that to try next!).

Back to New York (and then onto Canada) coming up next week...


Seri Roth said...

You have officially sold me on the planner!!! I think I will order mine this week! If you have a referral code let me know. I did some research and I think you will get $10 off your next planner

Jennifer said...

@ Seri - I think you can click on the link above for the referral because it also gets you $10 off your first order!