Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Final Lake Day...

On our to-do list for our final day at the lake.... TUBING!! 

Georgia had never been tubing before, so we weren't sure what to expect, but she loved it.

After letting the kids all have a turn on the tube, the adults wanted some crazy action time on the tubes, so we dropped off the kids to play with grandparents while we headed back out onto the water.

Georgia swimming with Grandma

Our tubing trip was interrupted by a rescue mission.  A few people had taken out the sailboat and got stuck across the lake when the wind died.  So, instead of going fast, we took the role of tow truck and slowly pulled the sailboat back to our side of the lake.

After lunch, we spent some time exploring the small creek that runs along the side of the property.  The kids had a blast building a dam and playing around in the shaded area.

Georgia & Abby playing in the creek

Nick constructed a small "fairy" boat for the girls and they set it free in the creek...

After playing in the creek, we headed back up to the Suites to get ready for our final night... a luau party at the new house!   We packed special outfits for the party.

Proudly wearing our floral patterns!

After dinner, we waited for dusk so we could pull out the lanterns and fireworks.  Fairly certain the adult "kids" were more excited than the little kids!

Georgia was more interested in making a s'more with Grandpa (yes, we pack Georgia-safe chocolate when we travel!)...

My final shot of the night is quite entertaining.  Georgia was OBSESSED with the hot tub.  She had so many questions about it and kept referring to it as "Uncle Malon's bath tub."  She's still talking about it a week later!  Her favorite part was that the water constantly changes color - that's huge news in Georgia's world!

And with that, our time at the lake came to a close.  We headed back to pack up all of our stuff so we could take off in the morning and head to our next destination... Canada!

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