Monday, July 13, 2015

4th of July 2015... Lake Edition!

A few notes before I launch into recapping our 4th of July up at the lake:

1 - You may notice a few blog design changes over the next few weeks.  I've been working to organize over 850 posts (yes, I've blogged THAT many times over the past few years).  You'll notice at the top of the page that there is now a "TRAVEL" link.  If you click there, you can see specific posts from our various adventures all organized by location.  Hopefully soon, I will be adding a "FOOD ALLERGIES" link, "NICU", etc.  It's time-consuming and I have to play around a bit every time to get everything lined up how I like it, but it's coming along.

2 - I posted a picture on Instagram of my new Erin Condren life planner and got a ton of questions and feedback about it.  

I'm going to do a longer post on it next week, but for now, if anyone is interested in ordering, please feel free to use my referral link so that I can get a few dollars credit to all the fun stuff on their website (because now that I have this planner, I want MORE, MORE, MORE!!).  So, if you order anything, please use:

Onto the holiday...

We totally and utterly lucked out with the weather at the lake this year.  Just days before we left, the weather forecasts were looking bleak... like very bleak.  I kept wondering what we were going to do to entertain Georgia if it rained for days on end.  Instead, we got picture perfect weather for 99% of the week!  We woke up to another beautiful morning, so we got dressed in our red/white/blue best and prepped for the day by decorating the property in hundreds of small American flags.  Georgia held onto that flag and waved it proudly all day long!

Tops the dino was psyched for the day too...

We started off our day with a little sailing adventure on the lake, but it was a tad too breezy to have the kids on the boat, so we returned to shore while Nick took out Uncle Nick for a speedy little ride...

We came ashore just in time for lunch!

Hanging out with Grandpa

Lunch with Great-Grandma Rosalie

Still eating and checking out Asha's necklaces

Hula-hooping (and looking patriotic) with Abby

After lunch, we all grabbed blankets and chairs and walked up the street to watch the annual Branchport parade...

Ready for the parade

Small town parades are just awesome and the Branchport parade never disappoints.  There's something so Americana about waving to tractors and boy scouts!  Georgia and crew quickly figured out that LOTS of candy would be thrown to them if they stood up and waved to the passing cars, politicians and fire trucks...

Top L - Waving at the tractors
Top R - Proudly waving the flag with Auntie Sherrie and Abby (whose face got waved away by a flag!)
Bottom L - Abby & G watching the parade with Grandpa
Bottom R - CANDY!!!!!

Seriously, my kid was a crazy candy lunatic once she figured out that this stuff was just free and being thrown at her!

Too bad poor G can't eat most of the stuff (damn you, food allergies, for ruining the fun again!), but we were able to share and Mommy may have eaten 3,089 tootsie rolls already!

After the parade, we somehow convinced Georgia to take a nap for almost 3 hours.  Woot woot!  We knew a late nap would be essential in order for her to make the grand finale... fireworks!

First step... sparklers by the lake:

Then... Daddy launches some fireworks:

Followed by... a thousand glow sticks:

Last step... firework!

Georgia loved every minute of the fireworks display.  Another bonus to small town country living is that we were basically sitting directly under the show!

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