Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend Adventures in the Neighborhood...

We love a good boring weekend in this house.  Nick refers to them as "do-nothing-weekends."  For us, last weekend was the complete opposite of a do-nothing-weekend.  It was more like a don't-stop-moving weekend!  As crazy as it was, it also reminded me of how lucky we are to live where we live.  We have amazing friends in our neighborhood who all have kids that Georgia loves to play with at every opportunity, which allows us all to socialize together quite easily. 

The best way to recap the craziness is with a little timeline of events...

Friday - 7pm
Got home from winning our 1st round play-off softball game.  We grabbed dinner at our neighborhood Italian place on the way home.  Sine it was still 90+ degrees out, Georgia decided to take her bath/shower in the front yard with the sprinkler...


Saturday - 11am
Birthday party at the local bounce place for a friend from daycare

I watched Georgia go down the giant slide approximately 9,548 times and chatted with her friends' parents while Nick took care of much needed yard work at home.

Saturday - 1:30pm
Join neighbors at the pool for several hours of swimming!

Good news - pool temperature has increased to approximately 34 degrees after being open for a full week!  Thankfully, Georgia doesn't seem to care about the Arctic conditions and spent hours in there swimming around like a fish.


After a quick game of kid toss, we all started talking about what we were going to do for dinner and how to get these kids out of the pool.  Some fast and furious texting between the neighborhood clan led to the impromptu BBQ at our house.

Saturday - 6pm
BBQ at the Thoman House

Again, since it was still 90+ degrees, we took out all the water toys, including the baby pool and the slip-n-slide for some back yard fun while we grilled up some tasty food.

Saturday - Way past all kids bed times!
All five children (all under the age of 4) were still doing amazingly well several hours later playing inside the house while the adults relaxed on the deck.  Considering that several skipped nap to be at the pool all day, it bordered on being a Christmas miracle!  Georgia may have been slurring words at that point, which made it the perfect time to crack open some wine on the deck.

Saturday - Way, way, way past all kids bed times!
Perfect time for a fire and s'mores!

Sunday - WAY too early after a late night
Did I mention that we all had to be at soccer bright and early on Sunday morning and that it was STILL 90+ degrees out?!?!

Although we still have one more week of soccer, they distributed the year end trophies at this practice, which was BIG news in Georgia's world!

Sunday - 12pm
Birthday party for a neighborhood friend at a local gymnastics center.  Not sure who enjoyed this party more - the kids or the parents, especially the Dads!

Who am I kidding - I may have engaged in the fun too!

The kids got called away for a different activity and you instantly saw all the Dads faces light up knowing that the foam pit was going to be empty of little people.  Within seconds, there were flips happening everywhere!

Sunday - 3pm
Thank goodness for afternoon storms rolling through the area because it forced ALL of us to take an afternoon nap instead of hitting the pool as originally planned.

Cold beer, s'mores, grilled food, good wine, pool time, friends, parties and lots of outdoor time = The perfect way to kick off summer

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