Saturday, June 13, 2015

Strawberry Season 2015...

Last weekend, our city-living friends came out the suburbs for the day for a little "country living."  Georgia was psyched to see Kate and Chan, but was a tad more excited to see her favorite pup... Queen Lizzie!

We had to remind Georgia that she wasn't allowed to share her snacks with Lizzie!

Kate and Lizzie joined us for Georgia's last soccer practice of the spring season, while Chan enjoyed a bike ride through the rolling hills of northern MoCo.  Lizzie may have been the biggest hit of soccer practice!

After a quick regroup back at home, we headed over to our favorite local farm, Butler's Orchard, to pick some strawberries.

Tractor ride to the picking fields

Our picking crew!

Butler's is so much more than just about the picking, so we had to show Kate and Chan all the other fun stuff to do there!

You're never too old for playground fun!

And, of course, no trip to Butler's is complete without some slide time!


Next step... what to do with 10+ pounds of fresh strawberries?!?!

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