Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer...

I feel like this little pic summarizes our last few days perfectly...

Some days, our summer plans are go-go-go.  But, the random "off" day of doing nothing or almost nothing also feels pretty darn good.

Day #3Our 3rd day of summer vacation was pretty low key - errands, playing inside/outside, and a baking treat.  If you missed our first few action packed days of summer vacation, check them out HERE.

Why does it seem like I have to run to the grocery store EVERY single day of summer (Memo to self - Stop flipping through Pinterest and the grocery bill will drastically decrease)?!?!  Georgia and I had to run into our local Harris Teeter for the 3rd time this week.  Luckily, the store is exactly 0.9 miles from our house and we are typically in and out of the store within 2 minutes.  However, Eagle-Eyes-Preschooler, quickly realized that the always broken dragon ride-on toy at the front of the store was once again in proper working condition and immediately started begging for a ride.  I sacrificed a penny for 30 seconds of child entertainment while I pondered why the store didn't knock the price of the ride up to a nickel and make a killing off that price increase?!?  That thought was quickly followed up with pondering why we spend thousands of dollars to bring our kid to Disney when a 30 second penny ride less than a mile from our house gives her this much joy and happiness!

Yup, that's a 30+ year old Care Bear original in her hands!  She loves my old Care Bears as much as I did back in the day.

After the store, we returned our library books from earlier in the week and grabbed some new ones for the weekend.  We checked in at the Children's Room circulation desk and mentioned that we joined the online reading program.  Next thing I knew, Georgia had earned a water bottle, multiple badge stickers, and a free ticket to a local baseball game.  She was over the moon.  Care Bear was handed off to me and totally forgotten as her new water bottle became the star of the day.  It didn't leave her side until she went to bed.

The beloved new water bottle and putting her badges into her reading log

We got a brief respite from the crazy hot temps, so we took advantage and spent some time outside drawing in the driveway and blowing bubbles.

After an attempted and then aborted nap, we decided to make some strawberry oat muffins to help deplete our giant frozen strawberry stock...

Georgia and I were out back knocking beetles off the rose bushes (a full-time job these days) and waiting for our muffins to cool when we discovered that one of the bulbs we planted in the spring had bloomed.... Meet our first calla lily!

I'm absolutely LOVING that our first lily is bright yellow since it kind of reminds me of a little event that was just about 6 years ago...

Who are those young kids?!?!

Day #4 - We didn't plan much for our first Saturday of summer vacation since the weather forecast for the day wasn't looking too great.  Of course, we should know by now not to trust the weatherman because the weather turned out just fine.  But, it was a great excuse to stay in our jammies for most of the day and play with toys!

Unfortunately, I have a feeling nap time is coming to a conclusion at the Thoman House this summer.  Instead of a peaceful sleeping little girl, I got to view Georgia kicking her headboard for about 60 minutes yesterday while she sang to herself.  In good news, she doesn't scream or beg to come out, so at least she  (aka - not she) gets some "relaxation" time...

No problem, we aborted nap time AGAIN and figured we would just send her to bed early.  Well, then the weather really didn't quite cooperate with that idea...

Typical DC summer night!

Good thing it's summer and we didn't REALLY need to sleep!

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