Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 2015 Favorites!

June 2015

It's almost SUMMER!!!!  3.5 days left of school.  What is not to love about that??!? 

Some other favorites this month in our house...

1 - Grilled pizza

There's no need to order greasy pizza from a local chain when we can create all sorts of fun creations at home!  Plus, it's a chance for me to use the basal that's growing on my deck (or else we'll be eating caprese salads every night!).  An added bonus is that we can grill off a mini pizza for Georgia that is dairy-free and safe for her to eat!  Extra, extra added bonus is that the grill is Nick's domain, so if I prep, he'll cook it off for us.

2 - Summer Drinks!

I've been eyeballing Pinterest for some fun drink ideas for the 4th of July... and the rest of summer!  These two jumped right out at me...

3 - Like Parent app

One of my co-workers posted a hilarious picture from this app, so I had to check it out. Basically, you upload a picture of yourself and your significant other, as well as your child.  The app then breaks down the percentage of how much your child looks like you vs your significant other.  Yes, it's total crap, but Nick and I completely entertained ourselves by uploading various photos to see who Georgia most closely resembles. 

Nick wasn't thrilled with the results, so we used a "worse" picture of me with my hair even cut off.  Nope, things didn't get better for him!

4 - Empty laundry baskets

A few weeks ago, a group of neighbor friends and I were all texting about our laundry woes and how the basket never seems to be empty.  Well, I accomplished the impossible one day, so I messaged out this picture...

Yes, I compare laundry to the birth of the Lion King!  Nick thought I was a complete lunatic, but snapped the picture for me nevertheless.  Of course, the basket stayed empty for about 33 seconds before Georgia went up to take a bath and threw all her dirty clothes in there.  BLAH.

5 - Wegman's ice cream flavors

If you didn't know that Wegmans sells their own brand of ice cream, RUN (don't walk) and try some of the flavors.  These are my new favorites...

6 - Evening thunderstorms

Dusk in Maryland often brings evening thunderstorms.  Although I don't appreciate these hitting at my child's bedtime, I do love a good thunderstorm!

7 - Bachelorette drama

Who doesn't love entertaining television drama?!?  Even though the show airs on Monday nights, I gather with a group of friends in the neighborhood to watch the show on Tuesday nights.  Thank goodness for the DVR and the ability to skip commercials.  Some wine and girl time (with no kids!!) are my favorite way to spend Tuesday nights!


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