Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Favorite Days of Summer 2015...

Summer always seems to fly by.  This year, we get a few extra days in August due to the late Labor Day holiday (which also means getting out later next June 2016!), but I just know that in the blink of an eye, I'll be back at work.  So, I'm hoping to document our days so I can look back and remember all the FUN we had during the summer of 2015.

Some highlights of our FAVORITE ways to pass the days...

Day #1 - Georgia and I's first full day at home.  Cue the 5 seconds of panic... what to do with our day?!?!  In the morning, we headed to the library to sign Georgia up for her very own library card.  She was so cute and proud.  She clutched the card the entire time as she walked around the Children's Room exploring all the options.  I asked the librarian how many books she could sign out and was shocked to hear the answer was 100.  That's a tad too many for us to keep track of, so we settled for 4.

Fun Fact --- If you are local, sign up for the Summer Reading 2015 program on the MC library website.  It's free!  Kids can earn "badges" and prizes.  As of this morning, Georgia already earned tickets to our local minor league baseball team and was entered into a lottery for Orioles tickets just because I typed in the names of the books that we read together yesterday.

Day #2 - Our first Thursday home, which meant that Georgia went to school for the day.  It wasn't too hard to convince her to pack up and go since it was also the first sprinkler/water day at school. 

"Frozen" backpack and her beloved Glamour kitty

That left me at home for the day... guess it was time to rediscover the gym.  I was non-stop running during the months of February/March/April at least 4-5 days per week training for all my races.  I took most of May off from running to give my knees a break.  All that running had my legs feeling great for softball season after a rough year last spring with a nagging hamstring injury.  But, fall race dates are rapidly approaching and I got talked into a local mud run with a bunch of friends at the end of August, so it's back to the gym I go...

Our typical afternoon summer storm rolled through right at daycare pick-up time so I waited a bit to pick-up Georgia.  By the time we got home, the sun was shining and we discovered that we now owned lakeside property... muddy brown lakeside property!  Nick was working from home and had the perfect toy for our new pond... a new remote-controlled boat that he had just bought for our annual NY lake trip later this summer.


After "boating," Georgia tried a new dinner... gnocchi... and it was a hit!

And we finished off the day with a walk/ride around the neighborhood...

I could get used to days like this!

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Laura Murdock said...

Awe! My niece is named Georgia. I love summer reading programs.