Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day Favorites 2015...

On Sunday, we celebrated Nick.  The #1 guy in our house has been ready for Daddy-hood since the start...

Flashback to April 2011 and moments before becoming a DAD!

Nick's 1st Father's Day in 2011 was pretty special because we had just brought Georgia home from the NICU after a long 7 weeks commuting back/forth to DC daily.  We were just soooo happy to be home.

Out for one of our very first walks with our baby girl!

Summer has totally wiped Georgia out, which meant we got to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning, which was one of our FAVORITE things about Father's Day this year!

After finally motivating and moving downstairs, we gave Nick all of his presents and Georgia helped him unwrap all of his goodies...

But, his FAVORITE present came from Miss G herself.  Major shout-out to her preschool teachers, who are amazingly creative and always have fabulous ideas for these fun little holidays.  The astronaut themed frame could not have been a more appropriate gift for the Daddy in our house!

LOVE the astronaut costume!!
After opening presents, we made our FAVORITE special breakfast... donuts!  With Georgia's allergies, we can't just run down to the local donut shop and pick up a dozen donuts for breakfast, but we've worked out how to make them at home... and still have sprinkles because sprinkles are the best part!!!

Chocolate face selfie!

In the afternoon, we headed to the pool to meet up with some friends because nothing says "Happy Father's Day" like get-in-the-pool-and-swim-with-your-kid-NOW!

Swim lessons with Daddy

My FAVORITE picture from the day because this girl LOVES swimming with her Daddy!

We finished off our day with our FAVORITE dinner treat.... lobster!

Okay, well it wasn't Georgia's FAVORITE meal, but the adults enjoyed it!

Best of all, I spent the day with my FAVORITE people and I think Nick enjoyed his special day.

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