Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Outdoor Living...

Summer in DC has officially started.  The calendar might say May, but it's been 90+ degrees all week and our typical afternoon/nightly thunderstorms have been firing up daily.  If only there wasn't 3+ weeks of school to go.  At least the pool opens this weekend!

We've pretty much lived outside all week...

Georgia and Nick managed to hide roses from me all last weekend until Mother's Day morning.  However, when Nick took them out of hiding, they were looking a tad weepy.  No worries - a few hours outside in 100% humidity and these guys bounced right back!

Lots of time outside means that we're burning through chalk in record time.  Georgia has taken to signing the driveway on a daily basis!

Post-dinner activities these days include hitting the playground, taking a walk around the block or getting in some biking practice.  We're loving all the extra hours of daylight!

This past weekend was the annual Montgomery County Girls on the Run 5K, so I joined our team for a sticky and humid run in Bethesda.  We were joined by a few thousand friends...

Nick's parents were also in town visiting us from Ohio...

Out for dinner for Daddy's birthday

CandyLand on Saturday morning

Grandpa even brought Georgia some boots all the way from Utah!

Last night, we celebrated Nick's birthday with a special dinner and dessert.  We sat outside after dinner and enjoyed the cooler temperatures after the sun set.  Soon enough, we started hearing the rumbles in the distance that let us know that the storms were incoming again!

My sweaty little beast!

Black skies and rumbles, but KC the cat wasn't going to let that weather intimidate her back into the house!  HA

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