Monday, May 11, 2015

Mommy/Daughter Week...

Every May, Nick attends the annual Microsoft Conference, which is held in various cities around the country.  I still remember the first time he attended the conference when Georgia had just turned 1 years-old.  I had never been home with her by myself for an entire week!  Now, we're old hands at having "Girls Week," especially since Nick just went away to a different conference a few weeks ago.

The most complicated part of Nick being gone is just the management of morning drop-off.  Typically in the mornings, I am out the door and on the way to school while Georgia is still eating breakfast.  Nick and her take a bit longer at home and then he drops her off at school on his way to the highway.  When he is gone, it's a much earlier wake up for both Georgia and I so that I can coordinate getting both her and myself to school on time.  But, we manage.

My favorite part of daycare pick-up these days is checking out the "question of the day" and seeing what craziness Georgia has come up with for the day.  Sometimes the answers are just downright hysterical from all the kids.

Georgia - "Brings me presents."

I'm not sure what presents I've brought her lately, but apparently that's my role!

The weather was beautiful almost all week long, so we spent a ton of time outside.  It always blows my mind how crazy hot it can get in the DC area so fast!  Our plants have been sucking up the humidity and growing like crazy all over the deck.  We can't wait to eat our sugar snap peas this summer. 

Water table afternoons

Blowing dandelions at the park

On Wednesday, Georgia had her 4 year-old well visit at the pediatrician's office, which involved getting a few shots.  She was NOT pleased about the shots, but was very brave.  She also had a hearing and vision check, which she passed.  We also got an update on her height and weight...

Not bad for a kid who started off at just 3 pounds!

We were pretty excited to see that she has passed 38 inches, since she'll be able to ride a bunch more rides at Disney when we go again in August!  Considering she was barefoot when she was measured and the fact that we still have a few months, she may even get to ride on the 40 inch rides!!  Woohoo.

When we got home, I made a little mistake... I went to move the giant Paw Patrol balloon that had been tied to the stairwell in the foyer since Georgia's birthday party.  But, as soon as I went to untie the knot, I realized that the string was actually wrapped around one of the bannisters.  I cut the knot and held the end of the string, but the string I was holding was not the end...  Oooops.  We are taking bets on how long this thing is going to be up there???

Hi Chase!!!  See you in August????

Speaking of Paw Patrol, we managed to play with lots of new toys throughout the week too.  Georgia finally decided to try out a new outfit from her birthday - Meet Skye...

On Friday, Georgia leapt out of bed 100% ready and excited for school because it was pajama/movie day!  All year long, her class earns points toward their "reward" and they earned it mid-week.  We made sure to wash her Paw Patrol pajamas the night before so that they would be ready for Friday morning.  She practically sprinted into school!

By Friday afternoon, Nick was home and we were ready for a relaxing weekend!

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