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May 2015 Favorites!

May 2015

In case you want to catch up on any recent past favorites (or you can type "monthly favorites" into the search box at the top of the blog)...

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1 - Spinach farming

If you follow along on my personal instagram account, I posted the picture below declaring myself a spinach farmer the other day.  Hands down the easiest "farming" that I've ever done.  I bought one of those 0.99 cent packets of spinach seeds from the grocery store, dug a shallow hole in one of our planters that was filled with planting soil and buried the seeds.  A few weeks of sun and water later and we have a ton of fresh spinach that just keeps growing!  I picked my first batch the other day and more already seems to have grown in to replace what I took.  Looks like fresh spinach for the next few weeks...

2 - Monterey Chicken

Just a little tease of a recipe that I'm going to feature later in the week.  Nick and I have made this chicken countless times over the years and we've fully mastered it at this point.  It's one of our favorite grilling recipes for the summer.  It looks amazing and tastes fabulous.

3 - Fitbit Finder App

Funny story... I lost my Fitbit last week.  The last thing I recalled was wearing it to work on Tuesday and then not seeing it much after that.  By Friday night, I was convinced that it was lost somewhere in the house.  I logged into my Fitbit app on my iPhone and attempted to sync the device.  It completed the sync as it would normally do, so I knew that it was nearby in the house.  Some quick googling told me that it was most likely within 20-30 feet of my phone.  So, I searched around for a bit, but it didn't turn up in all the usual places.

After tucking Georgia into bed, Nick got involved at some point and we moved upstairs to see if it might be in our bedroom.  However, my phone wouldn't sync upstairs, so we knew that it had to be somewhere on the main floor.  More googling ensued and I stumbled across an article describing the Fitbit Finder app.  It sounded like exactly what I needed.  I bought the app for $4.99 knowing that if it found my Fitbit (estimate retail around $100), then it was worth the price. 

The app works like the hot/cold game.  I walked around and it pinged to let me know whether I was getting closer or further away from my Fitbit.  I walked the whole living room/family room/kitchen area and got inconsistent results.  I was pretty much ready to head to bed and throw in the towel, but Nick became a man on a mission.  He took over the search and was soon outside on the deck with my iPhone searching.  I remembered that Georgia and I had spent time on the deck, so I started poking around out there (in the dark).  Nick went down to the hose thinking that maybe it fell off while I was watering the plants and flowers.  The app went crazy, so Nick started hunting around in the grass.  No luck.  He stood up and it went crazy again near one of the flower pots.  I moved some flowers around, but didn't see anything.  Nick came back up on the deck and started looking around again in the same flower pot... and there it was - FOUND!!!!

Totally crazy!  I can't believe that the app worked and that my fitbit was in a flower pot.  We wouldn't have found that until next spring, at the earliest.  My working theory is that Georgia and I played outside on Tuesday and that when I dumped the old water out of her water table by lifting it up and over the railing,  I probably bumped my wrist/Fitbit on the railing or against the water table and it fell right off into the planter.  Amazing luck that it was found and still worked.  Yes, I had watered the plants between Tuesday and Friday, so it was a tad muddy.  After a quick wash off, it was back in business!

4 - Ayse Meze

If you are local and haven't tried this Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in Frederick, book a reservation and go immediately to Ayse Meze!!!  It's got an amazing patio, an awesome menu, outdoor seating, and they light cheese on fire and scream "OPA!"  What more could you ask for?!?  It's kid friendly, there is typically live music on Saturday evenings and it's the perfect summer dining spot.  Nope, not a paid advertisement.  We just love the place and celebrated Nick's birthday there last weekend (and according to my timehop app, we did the same last year too!).

Nick's bday dinner this year

Nick and Georgia - May 2014

5 - Race bib holder

After all my races in April, I decided that I either needed to throw away all the race bibs I was holding onto or get them organized.  Although I easily could have parted with many past 5K bibs, my 10-miler has a special place in my heart (mostly because I didn't DIE on the course like I feared!).  After some quick searches on etsy, I found this adorable race bib/medal holder for sale on Running on the wall

I asked Nick to hang it up in the hallway leading down to the man cave/princess den since there was nothing on the walls in the stairwell.  I jokingly told Nick that it's my nod to the famous Notre Dame sign "play like a champion today" that hangs in the Notre Dame football locker room.  The football players touch it on the way to the field and I give my bib holder a nod as I head down to the treadmill!

5 - Nightly walks

We love our nightly walks after dinner in the summer/warm weather.  This week, we've been exploring the Greenway Trail by our house.  Since we moved into the neighborhood, sections have slowly been added to the trail.  Just recently, another section has been completed and we are loving the newest bridge.  The neighborhood deer also seem to be big fans of the trail!

Exploring the newest section of the trail with Mimi

Flashback to 4 years ago when we brought Georgia home from the NICU...

June 2011 on the Greenway Trail

6 - My roses

It's one of my favorite weeks of the year... my roses are in peak bloom!  Although the bushes flower throughout the summer, this is the week when most of the flowers are in bloom.


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