Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Princess, Presents, and A Pedicure...

After a very long Saturday, which included hosting lots of family, friends and neighbors over our house for a giant 4th birthday bash, I was up super early on Sunday to run a local 10K while Georgia headed off to soccer with her Dad and Mimi.  After the race, I jetted home on the metro and made it to the very end of soccer practice.  Typically, we hit the playground after soccer, but this week, Georgia had just one thing on her mind... going home to open all of her presents!!

Georgia knew EXACTLY what she wanted from Mimi and told her repeatedly for months and months... an Elsa costume.

You better believe that she put that dress on and opened the rest of her gifts from Mimi wearing that outfit.  She no sooner had the dress on, then she turned to Mimi and said, "I need a crown."  Good thing that Mimi thought ahead!

Our neighbors had no idea that Georgia was getting an Elsa dress.  So, when Georgia opened Elsa's shoes (high-heeled and light up!) from them, her ensemble was complete!!  The shoes were a tad big, but that didn't stop Georgia from wearing them all day long... and everyday since that day.


The packages, gifts, cards, etc. kept arriving all week long and the kid's birthday wasn't even until the following Wednesday!  She adored the card that Papa sent and has played it again and again...

Georgia's actual birthday on Wednesday also happened to be picture day at school and was a gorgeous weather day.  So, she got a little dolled up and headed to school ready for pictures and her school party!

I promised her that after school, I would pick her up and bring her to the nail salon to get her very first REAL manicure/pedicure.  She was beyond excited and told everyone about our "girl date" for her birthday.  I think the ladies at the salon almost kept her - they loved painting her nails and playing with her hair.  She was spoiled rotten with drinks and snacks while getting a little pampering!

Not surprisingly, she picked purple!

Someone was excited to send a video to Mimi to tell her about her new purple nails...

We got home from the salon and played outside for a bit while we waited for Nick to get home from work.  The neighbors took out their little toy car and Georgia got a few rides from the boys before she took over the reigns.  Four years old and driving already?!?!  I'm gonna need a drink.


When Nick finally got home, we celebrated with more cake and then a final stack of presents that we had been saving all week from family.  As we were getting ready to open presents, a neighbor from up the street text me and said they left a "surprise" for Georgia on the steps.  She was so excited to open the front door to find a balloon and some safe candy for her.  I really do love our neighbors and neighborhood!!

Of course, Miss Wants-to-Grow-Up-Too-Fast woke up the day after her birthday and declared, "I'm going to be 5 next year!"  Excuse me?!?!  Can we just enjoy 4 for 24 hours???

Thank you to everyone who sent cards, emails, texts, presents, etc.  She's come a long way since that 3.3 lb little peanut who kept us all on pins and needles for days, weeks, and months.  It was only fitting that a royal baby was in the news this week as our little Princess G arrived the morning of the royal wedding. 

Happy 4, Georgia. 

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