Saturday, May 2, 2015

4th Birthday Party Weekend...

**Warning - Picture/Video heavy post**

Mimi showed up for Georgia's bday party weekend on Thursday night.  Within 43 seconds of being in the house, Georgia wrapped herself inside of Mimi's scarf and declared, "Take a picture of us, Mama!"  On it...

Presents and cards had been arriving at the house all week long.  Georgia was MOST intrigued by a very special doughnut bag from Auntie Lisa.  It was talked about non-stop all week long!  Who knew a bag could be the source of so much FREE entertainment for several days???

After decorating the house in full Paw Patrol theme mode on Friday night and Saturday morning, we were ready to party with all our buds!

Such a BIG girl!

As always, the party is such a big blur!  17 preschoolers/toddlers/infants and their parents = Craziness.  But, we all had a blast.  The weather didn't cooperate quite as much as we hoped.  No big backyard bash this year, although several people braved the chilly weather to sit on the deck.  Thankfully our neighbors have a big bounce house that they let us borrow, so we blew that up in the basement so the kids had entertainment down there to keep them occupied.  We ordered a bunch of pizza for dinner and chaos ensued as we fed hungry kids and provided them with some sustenance to keep them going for a bit longer!

I was so busy running around that I gave my camera to a few different people and asked them to snap pics and a few friends text me pictures over the next few days.  My friend, Mary, snapped a great picture of Georgia...

After dinner, it was cake time and that bone cake weighed a ton... literally!  Nick struggled to carry it from the counter to the table!

Taking care of business!

Not quite sure what to do once she blew out those candles with all those people watching her!

Digging into her own personal cake!

The party continued well into the evening, which led for a late night of cleaning up.  Thankfully, I was powered by sangria and the knowledge that I had to get up for a 10K early the next morning (what was I thinking!?!).  Georgia was so wiped out that she even completely forgot about that giant pile of gifts in the study... for a short time!

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