Thursday, April 30, 2015

Paw Patrol to the Rescue...

If you're not yet familiar with Nick Jr's Paw Patrol, settle in for a little introduction...

Back in October, Georgia was home from school for the day with a mild fever.  I stayed home with her and did some work while she lounged on the couch and watched some television.  After a few episodes of the regular, I just needed something new, so I opened the OnDemand feature and scrolled through a few things.  Somehow, I settled on Paw Patrol... and the rest is history!  These pups have been her favorite ever since that day.  Shortly thereafter, she declared that she would be having a Paw Patrol themed 4th birthday party and told anyone and everyone about it.  She has been excited about the party for months and has invited everyone we have ever met.

I royally slacked on party planning this year until the week of my spring break when I realized that I needed to kick it into high gear with only a few weeks to go until the big party at our house.  After scrolling through Pinterest, I hit up Party City, which thankfully had a PP section!  Overall, it was relatively easy to find items to go with the Paw Patrol/dog theme (unlike the year of the Bubble Guppies party when no one was selling their stuff yet!) and the rest of the party fell into place after ordering a few more things online.

We got the decorating started on Friday night and by the time Georgia woke up on Saturday morning, party mode was in full effect...

Poster/Pin the badge on Chase game from Party City

D├ęcor - Party City
I made some little food tents/signs using printable pictures from the Nick Jr. website and my home laminator (perks of being a teacher!), as well as some Paw Patrol stickers (found at Target).

1 - Adopt a pup (our take home goodie/doggy bags) for our little friends
2 - Pup treats
3 - Wipe your paws
4 - Pup-corn
5 - Fetch sticks (pretzel rods)
6 - Bones (Scooby-Doo cinnamon graham sticks shaped like bones)
7 - Make a paw print picture frame activity

View of the dining room:

Fire hydrant decoration - Oriental Trading
Dog cups - Oriental Trading
Colored buckets - Party City
Random Paw Patrol toys from Georgia's extension collection
Plates/napkins/utensils - Party City

Our doggy bags/boxes (ordered from Oriental Trading) for our friends contained all sorts of "pup" themed toys and goodies, including:
  • Dog pencils (ordered from Oriental Trading)
  • Paw Patrol erasers (Party City)
  • Paw Patrol tattoos (Party City)
  • Paw Patrol mini-Frisbees (Party City)
  • Polka-dot stuffed animals puppies (ordered from Oriental Trading)
  • Dog stickers (ordered from Oriental Trading)
  • Paw Patrol whistles (Party City)
  • Paw Patrol crayon packs (Party City)

Since Georgia's 1st birthday, I've always ordered water bottle labels for her parties.  This year, I ordered some from Etsy seller Woods Design Studio...

Around the house...

Top L - More toy decorations, including a lunch box and figurines
Lower L - Masks (Party City) and dog noses (Oriental Trading)
Upper R - Make a paw print picture frame activity center
Lower R - Living room is party ready

Foyer paw prints leading to the party (Oriental Trading)

Drink bar, including my favorite sangria recipe

We are so lucky to have a wonderful cake designer living nearby, who has made all of Georgia's birthday cakes.  Each year I email her a photo or two and she comes up with amazing designs and her cakes taste beyond fabulous.  If you're local, definitely give Jancakes a try!  She even delivers and manages to whip up a nut free/dairy free cake for Georgia.

With a few friends added to the top...

The birthday girl gives the stamp of approval...

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