Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Never-Ending Egg Hunts...

April has now officially been renamed the "never-ending egg hunt" month in our house.  Every time we turn around, there is some sort of egg hunt going on in the neighborhood, in our yard, in a nearby yard or in my house!

We started off last weekend at the official neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  'Twas a balmy 25 degrees for the hunt, so our Sunday best included layers, layers and layers. 

However, before we headed out, we had to fill our belly with yummy pancakes... Easter pancakes!

Georgia was psyched to be able to use the Easter basket with her name on it!

Our neighborhood social committee did a great job organizing the event, which included the egg hunt, but also some crafts and snacks. 

Georgia and I had a major discussion the night before about the egg hunt and our expectations.  As with any event that may involve food, we can't just go and enjoy the event without some precautions and preparations.  We had donated 12 eggs filled with candy to the event (as all participants were required to do).  We put safe snacks in our eggs, but we talked about how some of the eggs might have unsafe snacks.  We talked about how we wouldn't touch it and give that egg to a friend or make a trade, if possible.  She blew me away with her maturity and level of understanding.  However, I still stashed some extra safe candy in my pockets.  You never know how a 3 year-old is going to react in the moment!

Before the hunt, Georgia participated in some craft making and we caught up with neighbors and friends.

Helping Daddy to make a spring bird

The actual egg hunt was broken down into age groups.  Since Georgia hasn't turned 4 yet, she went with the youngest group.  We turned in our "ticket" (our verification that we had contributed eggs to the event) and we were on our way!  She didn't need any help, that's for sure...


Georgia wanted to show me every egg that she put into her basket.  Therefore, I was quickly able to take a peek to see if there was a safe treat inside.  On the few occasions that I spotted chocolate, I returned the egg to her and told her to pick a different one.  She didn't argue once (small miracles!). 

It took Georgia roughly 17.3 seconds to find her 12 eggs and declare the hunt over.  We quickly retreated back to the warmth of the clubhouse to check out the loot...

Just look at those attentive eyes as I crack open eggs!

Overall, there was only 1 egg that escaped me that contained some chocolate.  Thankfully, good friends and neighbors were sitting right next to us and we did a quickie swap without any complaints.

Before heading home, we checked out another craft table, which involved making a bunny out of donuts, marshmallows and jelly beans.  Some quick reading of ingredients proved that everything was safe, so Georgia got to participate!!

Making her bunny and then chomping away.  Yea for leftover donut face!!

Spring seemed to realize that Easter egg hunts were in full bloom and started to cooperate a bit...

Hey little guys!!  Come on out and join the party.

On Sunday, Nick left for a conference out in Vegas, which meant that G and I were on our own until Mimi arrived on Tuesday night.  When we got home from school on Tuesday, I noticed something on our front step.  Turns out, we were "EGGED!"  I had never heard of "egging" your neighbors before (in a good way), but what a great idea.  The note indicated that 12 eggs were hidden in our yard and we had to find them.  Georgia didn't waste a second...

We really do live in a wonderful neighborhood!  Obviously, it was someone who knew us well because all of the egg contents were G-safe.  If only we could find the missing two eggs!  Since we were "egged," we had to turn around and "egg" another friend.  Mimi and Georgia took care of that a few days later when they went up to Bennett's house and returned the favor.

As for the egg hunts, they weren't over yet...

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