Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015...

Unfortunately, Mimi couldn't stick around for Easter Sunday since flights back to New England that night cost a kidney or at least part of a liver.  So, I delivered her back to BWI late on Saturday evening before coming home to play the role of the Easter bunny.

At exactly 7:31, Georgia woke us up thanks to an early Easter present - her very own "alarm clock."  For months, we've been telling Georgia to come wake us up when she gets up in the morning.  But, for some crazy reason, she thinks her bedroom floor is made of hot lava and refuses to get out of bed.  Not the world's worst problem for two parents who are night owls and love to sleep in.  BUT, Mommy guilt has gotten the best of me and I feel horrible when I roll over and wonder how long my kid has been awake just lying in her bed waiting for me to get up!  So, I bought her a special clock that alerts her to let her know that it is officially okay to get up and come into our bedroom.  So far, it's worked amazingly well!

The dancing cow tells her that it's time to get up (aka - it's 7:30am)

We all went downstairs and Georgia was psyched to see what the Easter bunny had delivered overnight...

Checking out some of her loot, including a new "Paw Patrol" gardening set

After a quiet morning at home, we headed out for a brunch reservation at a local restaurant.  I had debated a few different places, but I ended up booking a place that offered a free buffet for under 5 (knowing that Georgia would probably barely eat anything!).  They also mentioned having the Easter bunny on hand, which was a plus too.  When I made the reservation, I noted Georgia's food allergies and the restaurant kindly called me the day before to verify and let me know that there would be peanuts on the dessert table, but she should be able to find some safe foods on the buffet. 

Off to brunch we go!

As we pulled up to the restaurant, I spotted Mr. Bunny.  You never quite know with Georgia if she is going to love the character (aka - Disney) or freak out (aka - Santa).  We asked if she wanted a picture with him and she shook her head no.  So, we suggested that maybe she could just give him a quick high-five.

Nick caught the event on video...

We had a great brunch and my silly little bunny was quite the character and ate her body weight in cantaloupe...

Knowing that the dessert table wouldn't be safe, we let her bring one of her Easter basket chocolates to eat at the restaurant.  I thought maybe she'd eat a few bites.  I had no idea she'd polish off the entire bunny!!

Maybe it was all the sugar in the chocolate, but Georgia warmed up to the Easter bunny by the time we walked out of the restaurant.  I may have shoved her in his direction and shouted "SMILE!" as I told Nick to grab his phone...  SUCCESS!!!!

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