Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 2015 Favorites!

April 2015

1 - Messy Hair... Don't Care

I know, I know... I keep talking about hair products on my monthly favorites!

Crazy story, but about a month ago, I went to bed after taking a late shower and I just threw my wet hair in a bun.  I woke up and it was wavy, but I decided to just go with it that day.  No lie - just about every coworker raved about my hair that day.  I heard compliment after compliment about my "beachy waves" all day long.  After coming to terms that my hair had apparently looked horrible for YEARS, I texted Nick (who was away on a business trip) to let him know that I was having the best hair day EVA.  Being a supportive husband (who didn't even notice when I donated 10+ inches of hair a few years ago) he told me to take a selfie and send it to him.  Isn't it sweet that he pretended to care about my hair for 10 seconds?!?!  Ha! 

L - The text I sent Nick from my desk
R - Messy hair from earlier this week (and sporting my super cute Cherry Blossom shirt!)

Since my new beachy waves were such a hit, I decided to invest some quality research time (aka - googling) to see how other people do their overnight beachy waves and came upon this post over at Mix and Match Family.  She had a few product recommendations, including several items that I already owned.  I ordered the other two products and it was love at first use. 

The Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray was already in my cabinet, so I put that to good use.
Everyone and their brother has been talking about this drybar dry shampoo, so I ordered that to check it out and love it.
The Living Proof overnight cream smells amazing!
I already owned and used the Bumble and Bumble blow dry cream, which cuts my dry time in half.

So, I guess I'm embracing the wavy hair these days!  It definitely makes the morning easier.  I shower at night, apply the blow dry cream and quickly dry my hair for a few minutes.  I slather some of the Living Proof cream in it and put my hair up in a bun (nothing fancy, just a ponytail and wrap) and go to bed.  In the morning, I use a little bit of the dry spray at the roots and then spray and crunch with the surf spray.  Voila!  It still just looks like messy hair to me, but everyone else seems to love the look.

Maybe I should order this shirt???

2 - Spring!

I feel like Julie Andrews running around and spinning on the meadow top about how lovely it is to see spring again.  Flowers, eating on the deck, planting our veggies, fire pit nights with s'mores, etc.  I love every single thing about the warm weather.  Not to mention that it doubles the square footage of our main level when we open up the French doors and include the deck.  This past weekend, Georgia and I both enjoyed some rest and relaxation on the deck while Nick mowed the yard for the first time this season. 

Post 5K on Saturday morning and just enjoying the weather!

Our whole yard seems to be blooming right now...

Our little tree looks dead 51 weeks of the year.  But on week #52, it's pretty fabulous!

Even KC seems to be rejoicing at a change of venue.  It's tough to be our cat...

3 - Flavored water

I love water.  I'm a huge fan. I suck down bottles of it daily while at work and at home.  But, let's face it, water can get boring.  Every now and again, I crave something else with some flavor.  I've been working on kicking my weekend Diet Coke habit and ditching soda completely.  So, I've been trying out different flavors of bottled water. Unfortunately, I'm just not a seltzer fan.  I bought some cans of different seltzer water to try and it just wasn't my thing.  However, these Sparkling ICE are pretty tasty and 0 calories, so I'm embracing them as my new lunch time treat at work when I need a little flavor.

4 - Natives

It's that time of year when Georgia is taking on/off her shoes approximately 34,000 times per day as she comes/goes into the house.  Her crocs from last year are a tad tight and though she is pretty good about putting her own sneakers own, I was looking for something new.  I love all of her Toms and she wears them a bunch, but just like mine, they get a tad stinky in warm weather.  Then, I discovered Natives through a few other blogs that I follow, so I checked them out on the Nordstrom website.  LOVE!!  I was sold the instant that I read that you can pop them into the dishwasher when they get dirty.  I immediately ordered a pair in iridescent purple (G's fave color) and they are ridiculously cute and super easy to pop on/off.  Do they come in adult size???

5 - Our neighborhood

Every now and again, I am reminded that we are so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood.  Yes, it has its issues - dog poop, drama over the pool pass application (GASP!), etc.  But, we also live in a great community with tons of young families, which means that Georgia is never at a lost for someone to play with or a family friendly event happening in town.

Georgia declared that they had to "stop and watch the sunset!"

The neighborhood 5K was a blast last weekend.  I've run the past two years, even though the hill at the end is a killer.  Georgia was able to run in her own fun run before I ran with a group of friends from the neighborhood.  She was so exited to earn a medal.  I didn't break my PR from 2013, but I beat my time from last year's 5K by over 2 minutes and ran two of my fastest miles of the year (including a sub 10 minute mile, which is fast for this old lady!).  The highlight of my week was when someone asked G if she ran fast and she replied, "Yup, like Momma!"   

Proud Momma moment!!!

She's better at stretching than her mother!

Running up the giant final hill (in the hot pink shirt) and passing my cheering section!

Our neighborhood always seems to have something going on - we have an active Dad's club (aka - go to the bar to meet up for drinks) that Nick belongs to and the moms get together to play bunco.  We have a beautiful brand new elementary school with a pretty sweet playground.  Soccer is in full swing, so we spend Sunday mornings with friends on the field.   We even stumbled upon some neighbors playing t-ball last week during a walk, so we stopped and cheered on G's little friends for a bit.   I love that every afternoon is spent in the driveway or in the backyard running around with the neighbors.  The pools are set to open Memorial Day weekend, so I'm sure our weekends will consist of spending a ton of time over there as the weather warms up even more.  It's good to be home.


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